Break the Grip


riptideBeing a writer I think in metaphors.  I watch the world through similes, analogies, anecdotes and similarities to other things.  I’m constantly seeing the world in a way that relates to art or something else that awakens me to a powerful lesson and an “Aha” moment.  Walking onto the long-stretched pier over the dunes yesterday I caught a glimpse of this sign “Break the Grip of the Rip!”  I turned back to snap the picture.  I realized that the four statements for getting caught in a rip current are metaphors for surviving life:

Don’t fight the current. Why do we constantly go against the current of our lives?  Why do we insist on fighting everything?  Life isn’t supposed to be a struggle.  We are to go with the flow.  Remember to slow down, live, breathe, take it in, laugh and let it go.  Take time to look around you.  Stop and be present.  Fighting against the grain makes for a negative attitude that ripples into a tidal wave of more misfortunes.  I remember not long ago I would wake shaking within hours of falling asleep.  My heart racing to my throat, cold sweats, nauseated with dizziness, and with the thought that I was alone.  It didn’t matter who was next to me.  I used to be paralyzed with fear because I was constantly trying to do things “my way” rather than “Divinity’s way.”  I lived with the illusion of control for so long that I had no clue that I was killing myself softly.  I was drowning because I was stubbornly moving against the current of life. 

Swim out of the current, then to shore.  Get out of your own way.  Instead of going against it all turn around and swim to shore.  Take a breather.  I don’t know why we choose to stay in the chaos.   I now see the signs.  Whenever I make a decision and road blocks begin to appear I stop and head to safe ground.  I pay attention to the symbols and start to look for a place to land.  I can choose to swim further and drown or turn around and be safe.  We make things difficult.  We create the drama because we refuse to acknowledge the warnings: “there are jelly fish in these waters.  There are sharks nearby.  Do not proceed!”

If you can’t escape, float or tread water.  Sometimes it takes time to swim to shore.  Our situations require planning, processing, and practicality.  Until then you must stay afloat and tread with hope.  While floating along please hang on to faith!  Meditate, pray, journal, allow the high tides to settle.  Storms pass and make for brighter days.  Nothing lasts forever.  Ride the wave.  Find a surf board and enjoy the process wherever it is to take you.

If you need help, call or wave for assistance.  Allow others to help.  You are never alone.  You are not in this life without others.  We are all interconnected.  Be brave and courageous in asking for help.  Be vulnerable and share. The ego will always create scenarios that aren’t for our betterment.  It’s amazing the stories and dramas that our insecurities will develop.  Ask for guidance.  Wave to others for a helping hand!  Sometimes sharing your stories touches another who is out to sea alone drowning, waiting for a lifeboat to rescue them as well.  The spirit of generosity brings gifts.  It’s difficult to ask…but bestow onto another the blessings of giving and receiving. 

Remember that you don’t drown by going into water.  You drown by staying there helplessly waiting on something to happen. The sea of expectations is a dangerous ocean.  You have a choice…break the grip or rip!

4 thoughts on “Break the Grip

  1. I just love how you are able to take even the most common signs and turn them into a life’s lesson! That’s a gift that you definitely have. It has even made me more aware of such signs and I look forward each day to a new discovery you have made that I too can learn from. Love to you!

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