Whenever you look

into me

I can see you’ve found

the forest, oceans,

deserts, cities,

caves, rivers,

and mountains

trapped in a terrain of womanhood.

Although no one else

has noticed,

you search high and wide

each morning,

every night,

diving into the depth

of things you can’t understand

but want to learn to love

with such passion

that just being with me

makes you

the greatest explorer of all.

In my skin you find wonder;

in my eyes you find treasures;

and, in my heart you find home.

19 thoughts on “Treasures

  1. OMG, Millie………..I love this……….and surely the heart (and the explorer) it speaks to. I will be reblogging……… Let the journey always leave you breathless and warmed. ~ Love, Bobbie

  2. What an absolutely beautiful blog!!! NICE!

    I came here to thank you for being a part of my life through Petals Unfolding. It really means a lot to me. Bless you! (((HUGS))) Amy

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