Touching Spirits

hands around world

Something happens among strangers who aren’t trying to impress or move through egotism. There’s a mystical connection and awareness through a touch, a word, small conversation or a glance. Life simply exists without the expectation of fulfilling the other. Strangers dive into the rarest form of freedom and many times without filtering truth. At least this happens with me a lot.

This morning I went to Goodwill to drop off stuff and decided to go in to get my daughter something for her computer. As I was kneeling in the electronic area I heard the most beautiful melodic male voice singing along to the store’s music. He was right behind me. Without getting up or turning around I said to him, “You have one of the loveliest voices I’ve ever heard!” I got up and looked at a gentleman in his late 60’s or early 70’s.

He kindly said, “Wow, thank you! When I was younger I sang all the time. I have had cancer three times and with it and the chemo my voice has disappeared.” He shared a glimpse to his stories.

At that very moment I got closer to him, looked into the depth of his brown eyes and said, “You are a gift to still be standing here and singing with such hope. You are a miracle. How very awesome to walk near death but continue this journey of faith through humanity!”

The man smiled, began to tear up as I could see he was having an ‘Aha Moment.’  I witnessed his humanness and ego take a backseat. I could see in seconds through the glances that his wheels were turning reacting to memories, the past, history, and life events.

“I can’t tell you what your words have meant to me right now,” He began to speak as he composed his spirit. “I have rarely been grateful for anything, less this horrible disease until you just said this. Thank you!”

I smiled, touching his hand in mine, “Keep on singing! You touch others with that magical voice. You touched me.”

He hugged me and dropped the items from his hands on the shelf and left the store gathering his tears through his fingers. I felt horrible for a second but knew the message didn’t come from me. This devotion of gratitude was something the Divine needed to share with this man through sacredness. As I sat in my car I began to shed tears for my own gratitude, compassion, humanness and kindness. I, too, walk here in a journey of faith and hope.

This stranger’s spirit touched the core of my flustered essence today. I needed his song to move me just as much as he needed to hear words of encouragement. What a mystical union. I am forever touched by strangers, their kindness, wisdom, laughter, smiles, and stories. We are all connected holding the earth up with love, stories, and hope.


6 thoughts on “Touching Spirits

  1. Melanie

    As I lie in bed, having cried my heart out for the last 6 or 7 hours over the impending death of a friend with cancer…thank you for this…it makes me continue to hope for her miracle…. ❤

  2. What a beautiful moment sharing a message of hope with a total stranger, not knowing at the beginning that YOU would be the “messenger”. How wonderful is that!!! I’m sure he may forget your name, and maybe even your face, but he will never forget how you made him feel hopeful at that moment. We all should take your lead and if we are “moved” by another’s actions, we need to let them know. Thanks, Sweetie, for another enlightened moment! Love you.

    1. We never exchanged names. It was such a quick connection and human interaction. Made my morning. I needed it. He did for me a lot more than I could’ve done for him. Thanks, sweetness. I love you!

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