Moments of Impact

moments of impact

Life is held together by moments threading through a web of what makes the length and width of our lives.  Moments of impact, an encounter with destiny, and a crack in the fragment of our expectations changes us forever.  All the things I love about life are always here but in one small challenge I forget to look at the gratitude in life.  We live through the veil of the future while always holding on to the veil of the past.  What we love is always constant.  You have a choice in how you react to these circumstances.

I love my life.  I hate the drama.  I don’t understand why I am such a magnet for it.  I moved to the mountains to find solitude, learn from nature, and be embraced by peace.  No matter how far and wide one runs life will catch up.  The drama, which is only an illusion, will follow.  It is in these stressful moments that in the past I would have spiraled out of control.  Now I move forward with faith.  It is not easier.  It isn’t fun.  It is still full of challenges, uncertainty, and the unknown.  However, I can resist the urge to ask, “Why me, God?”  I know why me.  I understand the divine plan unfolds ever so gently when you don’t force it.  I have to believe that these moments of impact are mystical pushes that transform me quicker, whereas I had been stagnating.  These are opportunities to embrace nature, peace and solitude in completeness.  I always have a choice!

Awareness and allowing are partners in this journey.  My feelings are the truth of the expedition.  I cannot force any situation.  I can only glide through the moments, whether they are pushed by someone else’s anger. I can navigate to the next rest stop and reprogram my emotions.  God has a plan for each situation.  A job lost is an opportunity to re-evaluate your dreams.  Losing a home is an opportunity to find a better place to live.  Having little money is an opportunity to use your imagination.  There are two sides to the coin.  Choose optimism.  Let those moments of impact guide you to something better.  We are created by energy therefore when we go to the lower vibration of negativity the choices are always going to be different.  They will not make you happy.  You have the power to make your life full of contentment…with drama or not.

Have a wonderful day, dear ones.  I woke with a moment of clarity today.  I could hear the birds chirping and the smell of lilac from the bushes beneath my window.  These are the moments that matter.  Make life a journey of awareness and allowance.  You will be mesmerized by the outcome.  Now, go play and take those opportunities to a higher level of awareness!


4 thoughts on “Moments of Impact

  1. Over time, I’ve become more adept at allowing the drama to move past me, like the wind-swept wavelets on the surface of a deep lake, while I dive deeper within and remain anchored to Truth. It’s a practice, dear Millie. I’ve found that practice doesn’t necessarily mean getting past something; for me, it’s more like flowing through more smoothly…go play! xoxoM

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