Little Critters of the Night


For two nights we’ve had a cricket outside our bedroom window making the most annoying sound.  In all the years I’ve lived here I have never heard such a disturbing loudness.  Anytime a truck or larger noise would appear in the distance the critter stopped.  We get comfortable again and quickly it would start to sing (or crick or whatever you call the critter’s voice language).  It has rained the last two nights.  I love listening to the rain fall, the water hitting the pond, and the wind blowing through the land.  I do not enjoy the cricket.  At times I would find myself exasperated, inhaling and exhaling as if I was in labor. Somewhere in the midst of this creature’s song I envision it on a stage and other critters partaking and indulging in listening to it.  I don’t know where it came from but I was seeing a tiny stage and little chairs with bugs, grasshoppers, spiders and other insects as a large audience.  It was then that I fell asleep.  The cricket didn’t stop the noise, but I did.  The annoyance disappeared when I accepted its song as a beautiful gift to the world.

Isn’t that how problems or challenges feel at times?  They annoy the most patient cell in our bodies.  The moment we change perception our reaction shifts to peace.  It is amazing to step back and notice the difference.  Problems are only mind games in our lives.  How we react to those situations determines the outcome.  I was able to fall asleep because I accepted the cricket as the Ricky Martin of the night critter world.  Who am I to interrupt that show?

There’s a process to problems.  There’s a timing involved that requires faith and allowance.  You cannot push or tug on them if they aren’t ready to evolve into the next level.  Just like the critter’s song, the more we focus on the obstacle the less we see the blessing.  As I begin my day, coffee on my lap, fingers typing away, incense burning nearby, I am grateful for all those obstacles that have arrived lately.  They can be annoying when I am focusing on the negative, but when I step back and see what has come with them…I hear and see the beauty of grace echoing through a large concert hall and I am filled with divine love.

9 thoughts on “Little Critters of the Night

  1. kevans04

    Millie, I just love how you’ve turned such an annoyance into a beautiful concert! This is one of the many reasons I love you, Sweetie! It takes such a special person to do that – me, not so much but I’m working at it! Thanks for the lessons! Love you!

    1. Thank you so much. We can shape or break a moment. I rather it be shaped and determined by positive energy. It doesn’t always happen that way but I can give it a try. have a blessed day, sweetie.

  2. Remember those pictures that were so popular many years ago – those with a hidden picture? You could stand in front of them for hours, exasperated and never see the hidden jewel. But the moment, you allowed your view to soften – there – there it was……… It was always there, but our vision was focused on something else, in having things be what we perceive them to be (and when we perceive them to be).

    I inherited uncanny hearing abilities from my dad. I can hear a cricket half mile down the road. I’ve woken my husband many nights to ask if he would please stop moving his tongue around inside his mouth while sleeping. 🙂 Ultimately, life makes for a wonderful melody.

    I love this, Millie. ~ Ever, Bobbie

    1. I remember!!!!! Yes!!!! I just love your insights. Thanks for sharing them. I also have a keen sense of many things. Sending love. Thank you for the support and appreciation. I am filled with gratitude for your presence.

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