True Lovers Don’t

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Sometimes you must close your eyes

in order to see

what’s right in front of you

because love is

not available for abduction,

control or dominion.

Love is authentically felt

and expressed

through all the senses of Spirit.


True lovers don’t hold on to each other

for the morality of being present

but because two essences magnetically

attract to one another

exploding with desire,

with necessity,

and with that thing we

label as “love”

since there is no other word

for the dynamic of devotion.


The wants,

the needs,

and the obsessions

are not available

for the grabbing and manipulating.

These affairs of the heart

are there for forming and molding

the better part of our humanness.


No, sometimes it is easier to watch,

to listen, to touch, to judge

and forget that the spirit

knows these lies we have created

to protect the Ego from the stories.

If we look inward

the naked truth shines


from Divinity

and not from the physical intimacy

of our bodies exclaiming a release

for being adorn through infinite emotions.


We are led to believe

in an illusion of ownership,

sexuality, and dependence

that deteriorates the actuality

of what lovers bare

to one another

and to the self.


True lovers don’t go with

the sexual movement of explosion,

the carnal ruling of youth,

but the fluttering of the souls

trying to reunite

after lifetimes of separation

knowing that being apart

is no longer an option

because love

has no beginning or ending.

It simply lives in each single breath

we get to call our beautiful


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