Surviving Life

The other day, standing at the check-out aisle a man asked me if I had survived cancer.  I turned around and with a smile asked, “No!  But do you know something that I don’t? ” He said that my tattoo (which I forget I have since it’s on my back right below the neck) reminded him of someone who had survived some kind of health issue.  I smiled back and said, “I have.  I have survived life.”  He of course, smiled widely.  The cashier at this point laughed.  I continued, “We all survive life one way or another.  As magical and tender as it can be one moment, it can go sour real quick and push you over the edge.”  The cashier mumbled, “I hear you, like working in this place all day long.”

We all wear scars, some visibly while others deep seated inside the soul.  Only we know of their existence.  When we are ready to share with another the scars seem to heal slowly.  Those scars are road maps to the past.  They can guide us with strength onto the next journey.  I was raped at 18.  The scar from the violence laid silence for years inside.  It wasn’t until I allowed the secret to come out that I began to heal.  I choose not to play the role of victim but survivor.  We all survive.  We can survive with dignity and carry those battle scars with pride, or we can play the martyr and victim creating a story for the rest of our life.  Whatever you choose defines you.  There is nothing perfect in this world.  Mind, body and spirit are united to carry us through everything we do in our timelines.

Life is not symmetrical.  It isn’t perfect.  It is full of oxymoron characters, messy contradictions, juicy imperfections, scars of pain, but mostly it is filled with the awareness that the journey is always the best part.   Relish those things you enjoy.  Find freedom through forgiveness.  Wear those scars outside like a tattoo.  I love passing my hands through someone’s scars.  It allows me to be part of their survival.  You have survived every second of your life.  Don’t allow the pain to paralyze you or dictate how you will continue on this beautiful journey.  In the end, those are the moments that will carry you through the path of joy inside.  It is then that Spirit is holding your hands.   Life is to be attended through the joy and contentment of simple moments.  It can be through a conversation at the grocery store with a stranger or while holding your best friend’s hand.  Find the balance between this moment and all that awakes in you.  Experience the awakening and let it take you wherever it needs to go with scars, tattoos and all.

“It matters not what road we take but rather what we become on the journey.” – from a fortune cookie


10 thoughts on “Surviving Life

  1. Love your beyond fortune cookie wisdom. I’ve been working through my own wounds with my daughters struggles. But have dipped into your stories. Black and Blue for one still resonates with me, but as I was wading into deep waters at home, I lost track of sending you love for the support you were giving to your daughter and grand daughter. The journey is. It just is. And I love how you point out how we approach that journey is what makes the difference. The telling and sharing of the scars is indeed part of that approach. Sending you love and light through the distance. Hugs, R

    1. My sweet friend. I love your words. You are always so generous with your comments. Thank you. They touch me deeply. Let’s survive this life together even if through words of encouragement here and there. Sending love and light to you and yours! Millie

  2. So true! It has taken me a long time to forgive my former stepmother for the way she treated Dad during their 13-year marriage. That doesn’t mean I dislike her any less than I did back then, or that I want to make contact with her; it just means I’ve put her in the past where she belongs and can move on. And fully enjoy the simple moments with family and friends.

    1. Aw! Thank you my sweet friend. The older we get the less we need to take for granted. We are all survivors. We are all on this journey walking each other home. Sending mucho love to you!

  3. What a brave person you are and brave post! You have all my admiration. I heard once a saying that goes like this… “if everyone would sit around a table & hear each other’s life-story nobody would want to exchange their ordeal with another.”
    We have a tendency to believe we are the only ones to have a dramatic story but when we get together we see it not at all so!
    Best wishes 🙂

    1. I love that saying. Wow. I can totally agree with you on this. It isn’t about me. It’s completely about life. We are never given more than we can handle because we are made to survive. Sending warm wishes back to you. Thank you!

  4. I am convinced that kindred spirits must visit both of us by night………but then again, it’s not that far (especially for spirits)……… Our scars are proof we’ve lived, we’ve loved……… I can’t imagine anything more horrid than to be perfect. 🙂 ~ Love you, Millie. ~ Ever, Bobbie

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