What Eyes Don’t See

You see what eyes don’t see:

my soul, the essence of spirit,

through the depth of the past.

No moment goes forgotten

as I cannot find words

that give clue to the world

for the understanding of my invisible scars.

You have become my bewilderment

and I dazzle in your presence

with inexpressible tenderness.

You are always the keeper

of secrets told and unspoken.

You know my story

and, willingly, you want to be part of

each new chapter.

I can walk through your window,

through the threshold of your heart

that has miraculously opened

the empty vessel I carry inside.

And, in spite of silliness,

cynicism and sarcasm

I can touch your wounds

as the truth unfolds inside.

I am grateful for your existence.

Thank you for allowing me to love you

just as you are…

just as you accept my reflection in your eyes.

Thank you for being my best friend,

my spiritual twin.

You see what eyes can’t find

and, in you, I see myself blossom.


10 thoughts on “What Eyes Don’t See

  1. I do so love this, Millie. I believe that in addition to those things we bring to relationship, we bring the mirror that is our eyes………allowing another to see themselves anew. 🙂 Beautiful. ~ Always love, Bobbie

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