Walking with Grace

walking with grace

Life will present the most challenging lessons at a time when they feel the most intense.  In that intensity the wholeness of essence and body integrate to conjure up the understanding.  This can arrive through illness, loss, difficult decisions, matters of the heart, and so on.  There is no such thing as degrees of classifications.  There is no way to measure these lessons against another.  These are the moments you step back and wonder “Why? Why is this happening right now? I thought I was advancing.  I thought I had learned this particular subject in the past.”  And this is exactly the moment that God shows grace, love, and the ability to strengthen the very core of you.  This is the moment you feel life running through your veins and pumping blood into your heart.  And, it is then that just breathing becomes an adventure.

Decisions are the stepping stones to the journey in a lifetime.  Do I go this way or that way?  Do I go straight and make my own path where I don’t see one?  I am learning…I am learning every day that the only way to travel is with faith.  There’s a higher purpose to the soul’s calling.  The higher you advance on the spiritual journey the more difficult and challenging the lessons seem to become.  No one said that walking on faith was easy.  Walking on ego is a cinch, but this walk of knowing, surrendering, and being with Divinity is never without struggles.

I believe in justice.  I believe in good.  As my darling partner says, “You believe in rainbows, fairy tales, unicorns, and happy endings. Life isn’t like that.”  I disagree wholeheartedly!  I believe we are brought to the edges of decisions and struggles to find that love conquers everything.  It isn’t how fast you get to the top but how you handle getting there.  I believe everything has a reason.  Nothing happens without leaving a footprint of knowledge.  We are archaeologists searching for what the past has taught us in order to move to the future.  If there is no struggle, there is little progress.  So, when things happen that rattle the very core of my existence I know there’s a HUGE blessing ahead.  I might not be able to see the complete rainbow but I see the light moving through the clouds.

I wish for you the chance to look at your challenges and face them with faith, beauty and love.  Ask the questions that the soul yearns for you to acknowledge.  It is there that the answers light the path to the journey.  Have a blessed weekend, my friends!


4 thoughts on “Walking with Grace

  1. Where would we be without our “rainbows, fairy tales, unicorns, and happy endings”?! I’d be in a nut house, probably sharing a room with you! Oh, yes, there are times when life tries to take over and scares me half to death. But I always find my way back to “Camelot”. At least I feel safe, even amongst the dragons.

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