Life and Living

life in gloryWhen I got my coffee this morning and sat on my deck overlooking the pond, the mountains, and all of the morning’s glory I began to cry.  I don’t know what overwhelmed me in seeing such marvelous textures and colors; smelling the dew of a new day; hearing the sound of the frogs, crickets and the splashes of water from the fish waiting on their bread.  I was overcome with such intensity that I had to stand and allow the tears to flow.  Life appeared in such immensity that everything around me was all that I am.  This magical place, I get to call home, is constantly healing me.  It twists and turns in me when I don’t want to be spiritual and play outside the “knowing.”  It reminds me that all that I am sits inside of me and not apart from me.  Yes, I was overcome with such gratitude, joy, sadness, laughter and awareness.  Finally when I allowed the gasping of breath to subside, the tears began to stop coming down, and I was able to sit and go into silence.  It’s hard to imagine not practicing a spiritual union or ritual with God every day.  There have been times in the past month, due to company and unexpected stressors, that I skipped these moments to then find myself in turmoil.  Because I am all that is awareness, presence and love, I cannot neglect that simple hour each morning of entering another day in life.Shelby the Koi

Reality continues to interrupt my life at times.  Life will invite me in moments of silence to sit and hear a story.  Some of these stories are made up, fictional fairy tales created by ego to satisfy my perception. I took that path…made it here.  I should’ve done that…but ended there.  You know these stories well.  In a moment of clarity the Divine will show you a reality that seems to interrupt the core of your belief system.  Those things I have said, “NO” to and “NEVER AGAIN,” somehow become the YESES.  They form new stories.  The unexpected becomes the protagonist even when I thought it was the antagonist in the stories.  We attract everything we think, especially those things we don’t want.  We give them so much power because they are constant in our fears.  And so, this morning, somehow in my state of spiritual connection my heart opened up and let go.  I surrendered into the unknown of “what if” changing it to “why not!”  I smiled, giggled, and exploded with a loud laughter while sipping on my second cup of coffee.

baby koiFeeding the fish, watching the birds on the trees, listening to the wind hit the chimes, I was once again in the midst of my truth and all knowing.  It doesn’t matter how life presents itself.  Sometimes I hear my muscles aching and my bones crackling because I am not living the true life I was anticipating.  But this is an illusion.  I have no regrets for what paths I took.  My passion now is to enjoy the journey of this moment.  Those expectations don’t serve me any longer.  I am no different from you.  I stumble, fall and get right back up.  Life has a way of kicking ass if we stop paying attention to what matters.

As Virginia Woolf said, “You cannot find peace by avoiding life.”  It needs to be acknowledged in the presence.  It needs the wisdom of time, gratitude for each breath, and love for each connection.  If you let it, life will break you.  It will test you while clawing into doubts and anxieties.  But, if you let life guide you without the fears of the unknown through faith and trust it will give you everything you have wanted and more…while being fully present with joy.  This is an adventure.  No doubt about it!  Allow yourself to feel alive in those solitary moments when the reminder of living is magnified.  You woke up today.  You are here.  Be embraced by the awesomeness!         peaceful morning


15 thoughts on “Life and Living

  1. Abbey

    I loved reading your article. You have reminded me to slow down and enjoy the simple beauties of life, a reminder that I needed. Like you, I have seen that God can speak to us through nature. I have spent many years searching to find how God speaks to me. And have come to realize that he speaks to all of his Children, in different ways. This is an article that has helped me in my endeavor. I want to share it with you and hope that it will help with your writings. You are an inspiration, and have a God given talent. Let me know what you think.

    1. I thank you for such sweetness. I don’t believe the words ever come from me but through me…as a way for Divinity to speak to me. I am just taking notes. Life brings us those teachers and students every day. Thank you for allowing me to be your student. Much love and light to you…Millie

  2. unfetteredbs

    “Life has a way of kicking ass if we stop paying attention to what matters.”

    And how!! You’re a special writer

  3. Good Morning! Just now getting around to checking some of yesterday’s emails….

    You are my inspiration! Whenever I find myself going hundreds of miles per hour – and getting nowhere – I look for a quiet spot to just park my butt and enjoy the peacefulness. There are times when I just can’t “escape” the external noise – like Ducky barking at god-only-knows-what outside – but somehow I manage to tune it out. And, like you, I prefer to do it in the morning. With practice, I’ve been able to just enjoy the quiet inside the house after Sam goes to work. I turn on the TV to the easy-listening channel, turn the volume down to almost mute, and sit in my recliner to enjoy my coffee. Sometimes I wish I lived up there, next door to you, so I could enjoy all that the mountains have to offer. But then, I look at my 3 “furry kids” and realize they are my source of joy, beauty, laughter, nature at its best. Thank you!

    1. I thank you but the inspiration is not really from me. The Divine has more to do with that than me. I love you. Glad we have grown in seeing the simple things in life and loving them. It has been a long road to get here, my friend. And those days in hell are finally over! I love you!

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