I love…


I love…

because I know

no other way of breathing.

The heart opens up with

an immense light

embracing everything

along its path.

I don’t know

how to stop

even when the rude,

the insensitive, the hurt,

and the nasty

come towards me

trying to dim my flame.

I have no shield to stop

the heart break for you,

them and all.

I love…

because the alternative

is no longer available, reachable

or able to exist in me.

Something opened up

the depth of my soul

to this rawness, vulnerability,

an explicable sense of truth.

No one is born evil.

Life molds them,

trains them,

and beats the goodness out.

Everyone had a mother,

a father,

a person to care or…

not care.

That is what caused them

to be this way.

I love…

because compassion

always wins

even if you can’t witness it


It is the ripple

taking its time and space

to mend the world

and all that is unjust in it.

I love…

because the Divine is guiding

that piece of me towards a miracle.

It only takes one

to begin the effects

of a selfless heart.

I love…

because even with ego


cared enough to hold

your hand,

kiss his cheeks,

and touch the inside of her heart.


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