curtain opened

with the scent of possibilities,

visions of greatness,

sweet melodies from beyond.

I can do this,

I have been afraid of nothing.

I wake embracing all there is,

all there isn’t

and move through the magic

of a fog

created for me.

We start where we are

working ourselves outward,

fighting inward,

like strangers in a war…


without connection.

All there is

is this perfection of God

making way towards oneness

while all the while

the internal wars and battles

fight between

Ego and Spirit.

In a single moment of impact

we are joined for years

in this thing

called Life

and the beauty that rises

is awe-stricken

to the masses of awakening…




9 thoughts on “All

  1. “Internal wars and battles between ego and Spirit” are having a heyday with me today, my dear friend. But I know that eventually Spirit will win the war, even if it loses a battle here and there.

      1. Thanks, Sweetie! It will get better! Just part of being human. I just thank God that I have my own little rays of sunshine who brighten my every moment! They have no ego to deal with, only their beautiful spirits.

  2. Millie, I love this……….and similar thoughts were swirling in my head (and heart) this morning. Hopefully, the day allows me room to put them to paper (or screen)…….. ❤ Beautiful we are!

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