The Weight of Data


This morning my beautiful mate expressed to me that he had a hard time falling asleep last night.  I thought it was due to the baby.  It had nothing to do with her. He kept thinking about how much information weighs.  I am in love with a highly intelligent person.  He blows my mind with his thoughts.  Now, this question was not meant to be spiritual.  It was more of nerdy-trekkie-information-age philosophical mumbo-jumbo.  The way his brain works is wired a little different from my release-all-love-all-unicorn-saves-the-world mentality.  He is all military with a take-no-crap attitude.  Talk about opposites attracting: we are the poster models for this cliché.

As he continued explaining his theory of how much information weighs, or does not, I had that hippie thought (and Aha Moment Look) that let him know I was having my own epiphany.  How much does information weigh us down?  How much is the weight of our emotional body?  Thoughts weigh us down with such intensity and negativity at times that our bodies are depleted.

Information is pure heaviness.  Positive thoughts bring lighter outcomes.  Negative energy is dense and much heavier but can it be measured on a scale?  I don’t know.  Even information on a computer has limitations.  When the brain has had enough of trauma and stress it tends to shut down.  I ended up in the emergency room in January and had a near-death experience because my brain had been weighed down with too much heartache.  Just like that, I was re-booted.  Whatever was holding me with darkness disappeared when I returned.  I was lighter and happier.

Matt’s thought processing was weighing him down a lot because he got little sleep.  He is always thinking.  I don’t know how or why.  I tend to quiet my brain when I am overwhelmed.  I either meditate or do something in nature to bring the mind to a point of quietude.  I am not ALWAYS successful but for the majority time I do release.

So my question to those who read this is: do you believe information weighs?  Is there a way to release it and store it somewhere we can measure it?  The spiritual body is the lightest body in our earthly existence.  I believe emotional and physical bodies do weigh.  How do we measure thoughts?  By the way we live on the edge.  Can we sleep at night?  Are we addicted to something that has a hold of us?  Are we avoiding living?  A bunch of questions gather tightly in my little brain.  I plan on digging deeper to find an answer to this wonderful thought of his.  In the meantime I don’t plan on losing sleep over it.  I can leave that up to him.


11 thoughts on “The Weight of Data

  1. Your love-and-unicorns mentality is what helps me ground myself at times. Like Matt, I tend to lose sleep at night when my brain goes into overdrive. Not on trekkie-type stuff though; more on fear of the unknown. If I don’t find a way to turn it off, I end up still awake when the alarm goes off at 6:30. Thankfully, I can usually turn it off by watching a movie to take my mind off it until the next day. And by the next day, when it re-surfaces, I can pretty much dismiss the fears with my faith that “things will be okay”. Amazing how the light of day can dispel one’s worst fears.

    To answer the first part of your question, yes, I believe information does have weight; but is there a way to release and store it for measurement? I don’t know. It’s not something I tend to think about. Besides, isn’t “information” just perception of data and as unique as the person gathering it?

    1. OMG, I love that “information just perception of data and as unique as the person gathering it.” Wow. Yes…I agree. I know how fears of the unknown get a hold of us. But, since we can’t control those things we can only release them. Thanks for such wisdom. Mucho love.

  2. My question was whether information had mass. Does a hard drive full of pictures weigh measurably more than an identical hard drive without any information stored on it? My question stemmed from me thinking about dark matter/dark energy and string theory and if we can’t account for all of the mass within the universe then perhaps some of that missing or undetectable mass is actually information stored at the quantum level or even sub-quantum level.

    Now what does this have to do with Millie’s spiritual / unicorn love stuff. Does spirit have mass? Spirit is information in its purest form if spirit / data has mass then perhaps we can formulate an experiment to prove the existence of spirit and the continuation of our soul after physical death. Perhaps Dark Matter / Energy is merely the accumulation of information throughout the multi-verse in the form of spirit beings and all of their many-lives worth of information.

    Information can be stored in the spin and position of sub-atomic particles. We know this. What if the total information ever generated by our universe or multiple universe is stored in a way we haven’t figured out how to access or even detect yet? These are the things that run through my head as I am falling asleep…

    1. And..ladies and gentlemen, here he is! Gotta love his intellect. Wow. This is why I am deeply in love with such an incredible thought-provoking individual. Enter this very heavy information and it goes into store mode in my little brain for about a nano second. It weighs very little because I can’t retain this information. It weighs way too much. Matthew, I love you for the way you crack me up (even when it is serious stuff).

  3. unfetteredbs

    Mmm information has a sense of being. how we process and digest the matter determines the weight. Gathering, nurturing , perceiving and processing all equates into the sum of who we are.
    Now as for data … Indeed that too has some form of measurement, eh? Look at the increasing bandwidths..and memory bases needed these days –information overload.. It comes at us..with increasingly less organization thus adding a hefty amount of energy for us to process.

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