Karma Cafe

karma cafe

The other day we took my recent-high-school-graduate daughter to lunch to celebrate her wonderful milestone.  As we were sitting waiting on our waiter I mentioned to Matt that after all these years I think I would be a good waitress.  I would talk to everyone.  Here’s the conversation:

Matt:  You would be amazing.  You would make more money than anyone else, except no one would get what they ordered.

Me:  What are you talking about?  I wouldn’t screw up an order.

Matt:  Nope.  They would order a burger and you would come out with a healthy salad saying something like, “Your dead grandmother is standing here telling me that you have high cholesterol and will die just like her if you don’t start eating right.  So, here is your salad.”

Me laughing and shaking my head:  I would not do that.

Matt:  Yes, you would.  It would be like eating at Karma Café.  You don’t get what you order.  You get what you deserve.

Me still laughing:  Nope.

Matt:  And, then when they order dessert you would proceed to give them the other insightful messages that their dead person had for them.


I am always fascinated by the way people perceive me, even my loved ones.  Well, especially my loved ones!  I try desperately not to intrude or give messages to those who are not ready for them.  I am often bombarded with messages and if the person is not ready to hear I will not proceed.  I have learned my lesson (and continue to do so) with folks who can’t handle the communication from beyond.  Add differences in belief, stigma, and judgment and I go on lock down.  There’s also the small issue of translation.  Entities sometimes don’t speak.  They show up with some symbol, item or gesture.  I have no clue what that could mean.  But, the funny thing is that if, for example, I see Kleenexes around them there is a reason for that.  When I relate the message it makes complete sense to the receiver.   I stopped trying to make sense of the things I feel, hear or see because it can leave me feeling mentally challenged.

Perhaps, I might not make a good waitress after all.  I’m ultra sensitive and the energy around that many people would wig me out.  I would definitely not change their orders as Matt pointed out to me.  I am not in charge of Karma Café.  You have your own destiny to make.  And, that’s something every person must go through on their own!

7 thoughts on “Karma Cafe

  1. I think waiters and waitresses are woefully under appreciated, Millie. I think we’re often so hurried and harried that we forget what a valuable service these people perform for us: the luxury or being nourished (in whatever way we choose) while freeing us to focus our attention on those we’re with (or ourselves, if we’re alone). They deal with the hassles and we dig in and enjoy! xoxoM

  2. My mother says she’s never sure whether I’ll give her what she wants for her birthday, or what I think ‘looks like her’…….. Most of the time, it’s the later, which turns out to be something she just didn’t know she wanted for her birthday! ❤

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