I am not built for sadness and pessimism. I am not built for judgment, bigotry and hypocrisy. I am built for sunny days, heart shape rocks, long kisses and embraces. I am built for sandals and sundresses and toes wiggling in dirt. I am built for days playing in rivers and creeks searching for treasures and picture taking aha moments. I am created for outdoor days with clouds in animal formation staring back from heaven.  I am fabricated to get lost in my own thoughts, yard, and surrounding areas to then find myself among the mysteries of life.  I am not made for second guesses and distrust that leave me depleted without an ounce of faith. I require a slow ear, a sensitive heart, a light touch and a quick wit to be my lover.  I need nature waking my spirit every day. I need romantic movies, corny cards, scented candles and books that take me places far away and wide into the world. I am made for laughter and sharing over a great cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or a walk in the woods. I am not built for darkness unless it is a night full of twinkling stars staring back from the heavens. I am created for stories, those I hear and some I write. I need poetry echoing back at night from my muse guiding me to reach inside and truly let go.  I was built to have a house full of children and then learning how to let go while loving unconditionally. I need surprises…those sweet godsend epiphanies that curl my emotions into sappy tears of joy. I require God’s presence always with me as I trek on this journey finding the things I still don’t know about myself.  Oh…and I am made for loving you, you and you.



19 thoughts on “Creation

  1. unfetteredbs

    I require you to put the damn like button back. All in favor? Respond with LiKE

    This post defines why we are friends….

    1. Yeah, I solved the LIKE button thing by just clicking LIKE in my reader first and THEN reading the post and commenting Audra. More than one way to git’er done! lol xoxoM

  2. “I require God’s presence always with me” The Truth, amiguita del alma, is that God’s presence is always expressing THROUGH you…and that’s what keeps me coming back! xoxoM

    1. You are kindly loving to me. Thank you. There are some days I struggle with shutting it all down. I wake and think, “I am making a fool of myself.” Then I get an unexpected comment and realize it isn’t about me. The Divine works through me to touch anyone…not my job to analyze it. So…thank you, dear friend. I love you. My soul sees the light in you as well. It is bright. Mucho love…Millie

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