Running Scared

scare the world

I fear very few things: lizards (or anything that looks like one), losing my mind completely, never saying what I really want to say, being considered a hypocrite, and losing my faith.  I am pretty much content with life.  Few things stop me from reaching what I want.  Most of these things are enemies that live in my own head: past life traumas, leftover voices from others, and my own ego sabotaging success.

What I find is that if, and when, I put every dream out to the universe I get it all.  When I let go with pure intentions I get it better than I expect it.  Being scared is also an opportunity to be brave.  If we fear nothing then how would we know what courage looks like?  There is also the opportunity to explore why we fear certain things.  Is it something from the past that has to be processed and learned in order to move on? Is it our internal knowing telling us to beware? Is it ego?  Often times what holds us back from moving forward is the anxiety of the future and allowing it to paralyze our progress.  That which we don’t know is kinda scary when we place expectations into it.  The point is to have no expectations!

I woke this morning, finally having slept a continuous six hours, with some clarity.  I’ve been running scared for a few months. I couldn’t pin point the reason for this fear.  And, then, last night I got it.  I have feared failing short of not being compassionate enough.  I hesitate in making decisions believing I will fail another time.  But, Spirit has a way of showing me where Ego loves to manipulate me.  It allows me to process through dreams. It shows me the difference between past beliefs and reality, erasing all illusions that the mind has created.

We have the power to manifest anything we want. We have the ability to attract those things that seem impossible.  It takes the gift of putting aside all pre-judgments, negative beliefs, and sabotage that we’ve been conditioned to live.

I went down a list this morning.  I erased them all.  I have a stack of papers from the filing cabinet (a life of documented crap that serves me nothing now) that I will burn today that need to be thrown back to the earth.  I know something miraculous and big is about to happen.  I feel the giddiness in my stomach. I feel the joy in my heart.  I’ve been here before and I know when blessings are nearby.

Make a list.  Let it go.  Reprogram yourself.  De-clutter your life and make room for blessings.  It’s time.  We need to stand together with a shift in consciousness.  I can’t do this alone. Look at the state of the world and believe that together we can send out the love and peace it needs.  But, it starts with you first.  It starts at home with you manifesting the things your heart desires.  Be honest with your truth because the authentic YOU is dying to live in freedom. If you aren’t happy then we cannot shift a thing.  ALIGN your dreams with the Universe.  I am a trust fund baby of the Universe and so are you with unlimited resources of money, love, happiness, peace, health, compassion, and all that is good.  We got this!  Have a blessed Sunday!

19 thoughts on “Running Scared

    1. You can do this. We can all start saying our truths. This is why we are here. What good is living if we can’t live our desires, passions, and dreams. Have a great day, lady! I’m here with you.

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