Sacred Sunday


Sundays are sacred.  Even though it is usually the busiest day here at our retreat center, it is still a day of holiness, reflection, and serenity. I feel it when I wake.  There’s a great amount of mysticism attached to this day.  It is a day that allows me to presently partake in the week’s lessons. This has been quite a week.  I have had many friends contact me for prayer, help, and answers.  The only thing I can do is to listen.  The only way I can help is to have an open heart to the stories, concerns, obstacles and events.  I cannot tell anyone what to do when it comes to their life’s journey.  It doesn’t matter what their guides are saying, what I am feeling, how I see the events unfolding, I will not intervene in the gift of self-knowledge.  I find that just listening to another brings them the awareness they need to find answers.  What good is me telling you what needs to be done? I know nothing of how you are truly feeling. I am here for support.  That’s all I can do.  And, whenever I do say something of divine intelligence, believe me, it isn’t from me. I take no responsibility for those moments that there is no filtering. I am not a prophet. I am not psychic.  I am not a therapist.  I am not a medium. I don’t have direct connection to Spirit.  I am just like you. Everything that’s in me you also have in you.  The only difference is that I truly listen at this point in my life.  Call it being disciplined because I don’t like the alternative of feeling like “bad luck” is on my side.  I follow my gut.

I light candles.  My friends hear this all the time.  “I will light a candle for you.”  I literally have a huge drawer with tea candles and when someone close to me needs direction I get one and light it.  I believe light casts out darkness allowing the flow of clarity.  I say a prayer for this person.  I have a small ritual of sending faith, support and love.  I recite the prayer of protection and keep the candle lit until it burns out.  This week my table has been lit like a catholic church.  And, with each individual candle I ask for divine wisdom, patience, clarity, faith and God’s hands to take the best possible action for their situation.  I also ask for the gift of knowledge.  You always know what needs to be done.  Sometimes you just need that extra soul to reassure you that you got this!

YOU GOT THIS!  You ALWAYS have the answers. If you feel that you don’t it is because you are not listening.  Stop what you are doing. Let go of the fear (false evidence appearing real).  Let go of the anxiety. Allow your thoughts to align with God.  You cannot control a single thing.  But, you can allow for God, the Universe, the Sacredness, the Divine, Jesus, Buddha, (whatever and however you call the higher wisdom) to do what must be done.  We aren’t magicians when it comes to getting rid of problems.  It’s not a one-two-three-hocus-pocus trick.  You have to continue to keep your energy at the highest of pulsation and frequencies.  We manifest through positive vibration and thoughts.

Loss, health issues, marriage problems, finances, desperation and a million other challenges come and go in our lives.  We participate on this on-going experiment called life. Each one of us has a duty to ourselves and others around us to connect, love, empathize, pray and unite.  I am humbled and honored to be part of your life.  I will continue to light my candles for clarity, openness, acceptance and wisdom.  We are not here alone.  We are never alone.  Have a blessed day!

“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


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