Lovely Moments

I love those moments when I catch myself in awed of those around me.  I was getting coffee yesterday and witnessed an elderly couple nearby.  He reached to get her drink, brought it to the table, and she touched him gently on his face thanking him.  He sat down and began eating his pastry.  She handed him a pill from her purse.  He smiled and touched her arm ever so lovingly.  Without words they spoke volumes.  They were unveiling their relationship right there for me to behold.  I wondered at that moment the years they had been together.  I thought about the many times they held each other, laughed, cried, and learned because they are together.  I smiled thinking about those around us and how they disregarded this adorable couple.  In their intimate moment I was just a spectator of sorts envying the secret language of the human spirit: love.

I was so enthralled in their comfort dance of years that I didn’t hear the barista call me.  I completely zoned out.  I looked past them at my love waiting in the car for me.  His eyes glued to a book, patiently allowing for me to get my favorite drink.  I focused back on the couple and I got sentimental.  That could be us forty years from now.  In that one moment I saw peace staring from the busy coffee shop.

John Lennon said, “It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love.  It matters only that you love.”  I have learned to love deeper because of the relationships around me.  I have witnessed unconditional love and strength because of those that relationships that did not work out.  But leaving the couple behind me, coffee in hand, walking towards my greatest love I smiled because I took a chance at loving someone who loves me back.  I saw in him the gentleness of compassion staring back.  I got a glimpse of what the next forty years will be like.  Nothing is perfect but he forces me to accept those parts of us that aren’t for anyone else.

There is nothing more beautiful than studying the human spirit.  There is nothing  lovelier than those moments of losing yourself into another.


3 thoughts on “Lovely Moments

  1. Your words remind me of the way Sam’s parents always were with each other. And it made me smile. The way Mama and Daddy were with each other always made me smile. They were so cute! They would take walks in their neighborhood every day; and every day they would hold hands on those walks. Daddy needed hip replacement surgery but refused to get it because, as he always told Sam and his siblings, “no one else can take care of your mommy like I can”. He dealt with the pain because he couldn’t bear the thought of being separated from Mama.

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