Hold On


As I am learning to let go I am also learning to hold on.  I am constantly reminded to hang on a little longer and not give up.  I hold on tightly to beauty, compassion, joy and love.  I let go of other emotions that wear me down.  I have no words to describe them.  I just know to hold less and less to those things that disrupt my spirit’s growth and evolution.

My granddaughter loves to hold my fingers as she drinks her bottle.  I happily oblige to stay in that moment of security.  These moments are like a magical time travel machine.  I remember feeding my first son, the second one, my daughter when she arrived into my arms at age 2, and so on. I am reminded of their admiration and sense of trust.   This little one now holds her life in my hands.  I look into her eyes and see a new world.  Everything is changing.  Even newborns now are quite different than twenty years ago.  We are evolving but we still need to hold on to something:  love.  These children are coming into this world with a special knowing.  I marvel at this!

The strongest form of love is the one where you can show the nakedness of your vulnerability whether it be with a lover, a friend, a child, a parent or a stranger.  It is the love that flies out without fear and restraints.  It is the oneness of truly seeing another soul-to-soul.  That love opens you up, releases the truth of what you are, and has no issues with judgment, criticism, or acceptance.  It just is. Love is.  It needs nothing else to exist.  It is just that…the presence of Divinity at all times.

I hold on, gripping those who want to be held in that light.  I am aware of the soul-to-soul connection that is endless.  This is life and why I am still here: one little hand holding me and showing me the way.  Have a loving day.  Give yourself love, share it, and allow it to return with infinite openness to all.  Allow God to hold your soul in the highest form of consciousness so you can expand and grow.  Hold on to those who need support: not for them but because in the process of allowing your soul to share it soars to heaven and back.


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