Traveling Memories

I lay scanning

through the hard drive

of memories

to find a moment

immersed in the bliss of love.

I don’t know why tonight

I’ve chosen to go

down this Memory Lane

when there are

other streets,


and ways

with far better photographs

in the corner of my mind.


I hear the sounds

of summer night:

crickets, bull frogs,


cascades of water

falling into the pond.


Sleep got lost down the parkway

and I can no longer

fight with the pillows,

the blanket, a cold bed,

for comfort

while choosing to ignore

the thoughts arriving quickly.


I lay trying to find

the rhythm of night

breathing the tight humid air

of the room

imagining and reliving,

changing and adding,

to the stories from long ago.


There is loss

in my timeline

that never coincides

with some major events.

The memories replay

movies of youth,

sadness and joy,

antagonists and heroes.

I smile at the darkness

as I journey back

through the lighted path

of Memory Lane –

returning to this place

where life is sweeter;

where peace puts the pieces of me

in perfect order.


I close my eyes




at last.

in Destiny Way….

3 thoughts on “Traveling Memories

  1. unfetteredbs

    You write so well, my friend. I feel as though I’m sitting there with you, breathing in and exhaling your thoughts.

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