The Invitation


It seems like a long-discarded proposal

placed in an unused desk drawer,

but it has been the overlooked notice

of love’s awkward arrival.

Conveniently, I have chosen

to misplace the key

that unlocks the drawer

and now, mysteriously,

it has been opened wide

revealing its contents.

I marvel at the ambiguity,

the written language,

completely foreign to me

yet somehow I understand it.

How foolish of me

to discard this notice

for so very long

while its messenger

has been on a constant crusade

reminding me

that I am still invited

to love;

to feel love;

to be in love….

I remain spoiled

to the un-necessity of losing myself

to anyone other than me

because of traumas,

deep-rooted hurt, and

the painful past.

But, here in this small drawer

lies the truth about the future.

I have been invited to love again.

As I hold this tender offering

I smile because

deep inside I know

I must go and attend

in the celebration

of love,

my life,



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