Let Your Life Speak

Let your life speak,
not by the words you use
but by the actions you take
with everyone you touch.
Let the journey take you
beyond here,
the everyday problems,
moments of anger
while teaching you
the value of reality,
and what God wants for you.
Let the mysteries engulf you
as each destination comes closer
to your reach with compassion.
Remember it isn’t the final goal conquered,
but how you reached it with dignity,
faith, inner strength, and
without fear.
Gather your lessons in a basket
and touch them,
feel their hurt,
their humiliation,
their doubts,
their triumphs
and their joy.

Witness the opportunities for each obstacle.
Allow yourself to savor each past moment
then place the basket in a safe place
and live each moment anew.
Let your life speak loud
with laughter, love,
and a deep understanding of what is important.

Learn to unlearn old behaviors

in order to make way to new lessons.

Let your example say to the world,
“I am here to love, learn and give back
as I walk in the footsteps of the Divine.”

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