Forest of the Unknown

I will bend and move
As nature 
The way a tree 
Moves and bends
With winds,
Storms and rain
In the forest.  
I will be flexible,
Patient and easy
Regardless of weather and terrain. 
In your darkness
I will be light. 
In your sunlight 
I will be a shadow. 
There is no race
Or competition
Or even the need for
Things just are
Magically intertwined
Here in the unknown. 
Let me be a true presence. 
Let me bend, move,
Adjust and mend
In your space. 
We are the sum
Of our journey
And the totality
Of our joined experiences. 
You and I,
Them and us,
Melted into a forest
Of the unknown-
A landscape of constant
And love.

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