Learning Patience through Nature

Entrance to You

There are mornings I wake hearing the earth stretching and yawning.  I sit on my bed staring out the glass doors onto the pond, the backdrop of mountains and valley hearing a slight reaching and adjusting of nature.  It does not happen every day.  But, when I witness this softness, endless gratitude of earth, sky and water I find a sense of serenity beyond anything else in my life.  I find Spirit sitting with me and allowing me to reach a place of awareness that is unlike anything else.  It is in these moments that God holds my hand with love.

There are days when I go on a hike that I have to stop completely in the middle of the trail just to do a 360 and engulf every aspect of nature’s pace.  Patience is everywhere.  If we choose to listen to the way the earth behaves we would be among the wisest of all teachers. We could not be mean or nasty in the presence of such awareness.  Hatred would disappear for certain.

We are constantly rushing, moving, in a chaos that from the Heavens must look like an ant farm.  The earth doesn’t ask permission to sit, rest and enjoy the breeze…it just does it.  Nature doesn’t question about unworthiness, loneliness, isolation or anger.  It loves her presence in her space.  Nature is compassion and patience and love all embodied in Spirit.

Storms come and go.  The snow pours and melts.  The autumn changes and falls.  It is all an easy willingness and an acceptance of nature.  Nothing happens without a reason, and the earth welcomes each movement with respect and patience.  It is so much there to be admired and learned from each particle of existence.

It is so easy to forget where we are and where we are going while traveling in our lives.  It is impossible to most of us to take time to breathe in and exhale a peaceful moment.  Even if you don’t live by the ocean, or the countryside, or even the mountains, you have to find a balance in a place to make room for nature.  Whether it is walking to a park, or sitting outside for a little bit, you have to sit in the vastness of this world.  Once you are centered with it you can see the perspective of your own existence and dwelling.  Things start to slow down, shift and make ground for the next chapter.

I was rattled this morning with a vicious attitude from a woman on the phone.  I stepped outside for a bit allowing the sun to hit my skin.  I took off my shoes and walked barefooted on the wet grass.  I took the energy from the earth and let it balance me.  I don’t do well with nasty attitudes.  I don’t enjoy emotional attacks that I know have nothing to do with me.  I bounce them off to the universe with a love paddle.  These personas have nothing to do with me but bring an opportunity to see the darkness and appreciate the light even more.  I send love to those who need it.  Nature always teaches me to heal, to love, and to be grateful.  Won’t you join me there!

Welcome your day with gratitude.  “Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


5 thoughts on “Learning Patience through Nature

  1. Millie,

    I saw that you had written this last night and decided to save it for this morning. Now I know why – it is beautiful and perfect to begin a new day.

    Thank you.

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