Seize the Moment

Go to that place in your heart

that shares with no one

in fear of your desires vanishing

and you die a slow and

invaluable death

without anyone really knowing

the real you.


Throw yourself into

the world


restrictions or rules

and seize each moment

as if it was your last


and emerging in the beauty

of all the magic

out there.


Speak up,

let your inner voice be heard

so that the Universe

can align with your needs

and you can open

all the doors to opportunity

because there is an endless

capacity to get all you aspire.


Seize each moment

and improvise

each second

so you can enjoy

the life you were given

as a gift from the Divine

without the limitations

that your ego dictates inside.


Believe that the journey

is adventurous,



and that you are

the greatest explorer

in the world.


Live the moment with


fascination and let go

into the endless possibilities…


There is only one original

and it is YOU.


 “Lose not yourself in a far off time, seize the moment that is thine.”


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