Illusion of Fear

The tumbling urgency of a circular staircase

spiraling down,



                                          to the rattling tremors

                  of an internal hell.

The anticipation of the unknown

          finding… each…  step

                  more difficult,


wilting into welts of fire

                                                   everywhere inside.

The anxiety of false expectations,

monitoring each part of the body,

                                                     falsifying the reality

                    that it is an absolute….. TRUTH.

The obscure stress

of what will never appear

                but as the steps… get… closer

       to the door of the unknown,

the body  s h a k e s,

                    whispers in h-o-r-r-o-r,

and this “hell” is experienced

                                                as a substantial evidence

of what the imagination

                               creates as real.


with a breath…

….a prayer….

….a silent gesture to Heaven…

it loses intimidation

and becomes the bravery of the Spirit.

            You are what you create.  

                               You are your thoughts.

                                               You are Divine.

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