No Requisitions

It is very difficult

to remove

the layers of manly skin

from under the covers

in order to conquer

outside our fantasy world.

Your fingers walk

my body

filling in gaps,

smoothing lines with kisses,

bridging one space with another

until we become one

beating in two hearts.

I’ve loved you

in a way that roots me

to all I’ve been

without asking for anything

deeper that I may never provide.

The world outside of this shelter,

is too much these days

full of challenges,

but inside here

you warm my sentiments

in ways no one else can:

with surprising joy,



erotic silliness,

and contagious laughter.

You are the core to all I am not

as you bring and take,

loose and make,

the sum of whom I’ve become

when we aren’t together.

Don’t ask;

don’t tell.

It is all I can give

as your hands cup me

and you drink from

the endless depth of my soul

while letting me

come in and out

of your moments

without any demands.

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