Morning Contemplation

sun reclaiming sky

I love mornings in summer

when the journey of life

whispers to me

to stand and blossom

in the presence of Divinity

awakening the spirit

and entrusting that

every molecule of my being

recognizes the privilege in breathing.

I saluted the rise of the sun

as it lighted the mountains

in hopes that it would

lend the secret

to its illumination

and shed some wisdom

into my soul.

I witnessed the opening

of this new day,

embracing myself,

walking around the pond

during deep contemplation,

catching the rays from the heavens

reflecting on the valley.

I watched the trees stretch

to the grace of

this new dawning.

We are here once more

and I am grateful for the


to acknowledge

the beauty in nature

and all the lessons

it has to offer me.

I am awed-inspired

by the simplicity

and realization

that I am the water,

the trees,

the air,

the earth,

and the Divine

granting this

enchanting sunrise

so I can heal and renew my spirit

and I can return to my humanness…



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