Understanding this Universe

I’ve welcomed light

extra early into my room

as sweat pours out of me

from a full night of humidity.

I am struggling to get moving

this morning

as I sit up to watch the mountain,

the pond dancing with activity,

the trees gently moving to a swift wind

enticing the rain to finally visit.

I must go outward into that universe

in order to find myself inward.

I must find the flow

of the earth

in order to feel my own rhythm.

This is joy.  This is full awareness

of my presence.

This is the mythical “contentment”

I read about all those years

while searching for “happiness”

inside of books.

This is what I believed was a fantasy,

fairy folk tales the mystics

wrote about in simplicity….

“live in the now and find joy.”

Here I sit,

body tired and worn out,

a restless night without surprises

but looking at my landscape

the myth has become reality.

Here is the reason I exist,

and the result of finally


The journey begins


one more time

with the understanding

of my purpose in this world

as I allow the day

to take me wherever

it wants me to go…

As I breathe Spirit

consciously into my lungs

and exhale out

into the vastness of space

I get to call

my fairyland forest.



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