37 Life Lessons

My second son turns 24 today.  He has become and continues to evolve into an amazing young man.  I marvel at his growth, his choices and how he stands for his beliefs.  Yesterday we met up in town for a bit.  I wanted to give him more than I could at the time.  I came home to create this list of lessons and suggestions for living authentically reaching his favorite number of 37.  Happy birthday, my darling son!  Life is truly magical and inspiring.  It can get messy at times but it’s so worth the ride.  Thank you for continuously teaching me so much about myself.  I love you, baby!

1. Don’t let anyone step on your thoughts, dreams or passion.

2. Creativity is sign language from the Divine. Read great books, write your heart out, be moved by films, be touched by music, create from a place that’s raw and awesome.

3. Love is eternal. Always keep an open heart.  When the heart breaks it is a wonderful opportunity to expand as it is healing.

4. Laugh as often as you can.  Laugh at everything. Humor heals the mind, body and spirit.

5.  Wear a tutu, mix-matched socks and color your world.  Hold your pants with a shoelace. There are no rules.

6.  Be in nature and feel the presence of Mother Earth always grounding you.

7.  You are never alone. You might not see or feel, but you are always being loved and guided.

8.  You are the creator of your destiny. Align your thoughts with the universe.  You are your own genie.

9.  Every day is a chance to do it right.  Don’t beat yourself up.  This shall pass.  Give it time.  Try and try again.

10. Kindness is the key and compassion is the lock to healing the treasures of humanity.

11. You need to remember why you are here. Find joy and it will open the memory bank of your purpose for this life.

12. You must honor you first and foremost.

13.  Life is a second. Enjoy the journey. It passes quickly. Have no regrets.

14. Do nothing. Do anything. But don’t complain. Suffering is a choice.  You are never a victim.  You are a survivor.

15. Travel, even if to the next town. Explore your surroundings.  Let the outside world be your teacher.

16. Anger is a great source of fire but if not contained it will burn you. Let it go.  Nothing is worth that negativity.

17. Forgiveness is not for anyone but yourself.

18. Eat with passion, drink wine, and do whatever you want in moderation.

19. Don’t blend through life. Stand out as you are. You are the best version of you there will ever be.

20. Sleep! Sleep as much as you want. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for wanting and needing rest.

21. F*ck is a wonderful word. F*ck whatever anyone thinks of it. Sometimes it is the only word that can be expressed.

22. Everyone shits. And everyone’s shit stinks. Don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise. No one is better than you.

23. You are beautiful. No amount of makeup, surgeries or anything can change the light in you. Fill the vastness of emptiness with love for yourself.

24. It’s great to have people in your life but ultimately you are responsible for you alone.

25. Whenever you have kids remember they aren’t your ownership. Let them learn to find their way.

26. Making love is very different than sex. Respect your body. Don’t let anyone kill your self-worth.

27. Vulnerability is strength.  Allow yourself to fall and ask for help.  We are in this together.  You don’t have to carry the world on your shoulders. Some days you are the teacher and other days the student.

28. Money is not the root of all evil.  It is a great source of energy to use and help others.  The more you believe in its magical powers of giving, the more you will receive.

29. Fear and control are child-like monsters occupying the darkest part of your psyche. They are not real.

30. Live life with all that is meant to be: pure joy, love, and light.

31. God is always in you. You are the oneness of all. The world will try and tell you otherwise but you know better. Wake up to the truth.  Don’t let the years pass by with uncertainty.  You know what you know because you are divinity.

32. I will love you no matter what happens. Even if I didn’t know you I would still know that you and I are connected through breath.

33. Meditate, pray and be with yourself. It is there that you will find you.

34. Judgment is based on insecurities and ignorance. You can never understand another unless you are inside of their soul.  This serves no one. Be kind to those you see every day.  Notice the drama of life and all its falsehood.

35. A compliment to anyone is the best gift you can give them along with a smile.

36. Stay present. Don’t let your ego travel to places it will never really visit.

37. You are a creation of a million cells generating mystical thoughts, powers, and emotions. Treat your uniqueness and honor yourself.


10 thoughts on “37 Life Lessons

  1. Just a quick comment before I get my lazy ass out of this chair to go feed the dogs: I LOVE #21!!! I almost died laughing! Thank you for that! And, PS, you’re right: money is not the root of all evil. It is the obsessive-compulsive “love” of money which is the root of all evil, not the money itself.

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