Floating in the Universe

I am always checking out new holistic modalities. Anything that challenges and betters mind, body and spirit has my full-undivided attention. The deeper we travel into our awareness the healthier we become. It doesn’t stop with massages, biofeedback therapy, cranial sacral therapy, hypnosis, and psychotherapy (to name a few). My best friend and business partner, Bobbie, heard from a friend about Flotation Therapy. We began researching it and found a spa in Asheville called Still Point Wellness that has a salt water floatation chamber. She made an appointment for both of us. Bobbie went a few days ago and came back giddy. She didn’t share much of her experience as not to cloud mine. I couldn’t wait for my turn. The thought of being in complete darkness, sensory deprived, floating over a ton of Epsom salt for an hour and a half filled me with an intoxication for my sense of adventure. I had done research for several days about others’ experiences: the highs, the psychic awareness, relaxation, self exploration, meditation, healing of aches and pains, long term healing, and so many other yummy conscious journeys. I was definitely not disappointed!

This morning I ventured to Downtown Asheville to a quaint spa near my favorite Starbucks. It was suggested that I didn’t have caffeine before getting my session (a killer for me in the morning time). The place was exceptional. Their office staff consists of this beautiful young woman who makes you feel like you’ve been long lost friends forever. I love that! She explained several things about the chamber. I was glad before arriving Bobbie had shared some details of first impressions. She asked to please give it a try when they opened the door to this dark room. Having suffered from claustrophobia for most of my life that initial exposure of darkness with a closed door is daunting. The smell of salt water felt like being out to sea. Once I was inside, naked, my body feeling light, I took a deep breath and everything melted.

I cannot explain what really happened to me without sounding like a way-over-the-top hippie. Once I began floating I had no perception. It seemed that every conscious feeling, emotion, reflection,thought, or sense of reality was shut outside the room. It is the darkest physical place I’ve ever been in. For an avid meditation practitioner it is heaven. I don’t know what happened but I was transferred to outer space. Now, you are definitely thinking she’s on something! I was in Oneness. I felt like Sandra Bullock on the movie Gravity. With eyes wide opened I began to see the universe. I began to understand the beginning…. And, this is where I leave you with my experience. Yours will be entirely different. All I can say is that the deprivation of sound, substance, and light allows the floater to experience everything (s)he is and is not.

I can understand why floating therapy has become popular as spa places are popping up in many large cities with these floating rooms. I can see how anyone can get hooked. The high one receives from those alone moments weightlessly moving through darkness is profound. As I was driving back up the mountain, taking in the gorgeous summer views, I had a thought: how does a person who can’t be alone stay in that room for the first time? How can that person stand the thoughts that must come and go as time stops? I can shut anything out of my brain. I can go to total nothingness, the chamber was the most incredible place to coincide with my mind. But, I am aware that our society cannot let go of thoughts. We are programmed to constantly be stimulated. I was filled with giddiness just like Bobbie. I even skipped on my Starbucks Latte. It wasn’t necessary. I was on a psychedelic high that can only be explained as the release of toxins, emotions and all that triggers the mind and body. I was on the best spiritual journey that money can buy. I was in my own retreat, ashram, and vacation for 90 minutes. Don’t believe me? You try it and see if you feel otherwise! But, be aware that once you are in there time stops and the only person you have to answer to is you. Sometimes that’s what is needed to heal. If you are honest with yourself this chamber experience can be the beginning of getting to know the real you.


81-B Central Avenue, Asheville, NC

828-348-5372 opened Monday-Sunday 10 am – 8 pm


13 thoughts on “Floating in the Universe

  1. I had a college instructor who told us of this experience 20 years ago. I loved the idea of it then, and now. I’m going to do it some day. 🙂 I will say the claustrophobia has held me back some.

  2. That sounds awesome. I’ve been in a flotation tank a few times, but that was probably 15 years ago now – I dare say my experience would be more profound. As it was, I found it quite pleasant and relaxing. I can imagine it would be like a horror movie for some people though!

  3. All I can say is that the deprivation of sound, substance, and light allows the floater to experience everything (s)he is and is not.

    I think I’d freak and go crazy. I would not feel freedom or detachment but helpless and at the mercy of elements. Of course I have not tried it but sounds scary.

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