Through You

You are my reflection
of perfection
without any pretenses about
how I should be,
where I‘ve been,
how many mistakes I‘ve made.
I am beautiful
when I stare into your eyes
and there is nothing
that can change the delicate vision,
the magic reflecting through your soul,
that brings me to a place
of innocence.
I am better because of you.
I am a princess,
a mother,
a child,
a conqueror,
a lover —
whenever you hold my eyes,
and allow them to follow
you to a place
I‘ve never been before.
Without words,
I know that love exists
and with your touch
I know it will never die.
In you
I see what no one else can:
pure energy for life;
decency for another;
a validation for my existence;
humanness and compassion;
the thread of all there is in the universe.
In you
I am all —
simple and complicated;
moody and irrational;
loving and not;
laughter and silliness;
you still adore me
in spite of it all
because in you
I am a spontaneous adventure
full of serendipitous moments.


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