Breathing Space

My Dear Amazing Readers,

For several weeks now I’ve had this inkling of retrieving from the information highway.   Each time I’ve gone on a hike or taken my long walks into the wilderness, I’ve had a gentle voice nudging me to go inward.  And, I don’t mean for an hour in my morning meditations.  People go to monasteries, pilgrimages, and retreats to center and ground themselves.  I live in the most amazing place in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  I have all the makings of such a place.  People from all over the globe come here to find that peace.  I marvel at their awareness from the moment they enter the property until they leave.  So, after a busy summer season, and what is now a busy fall one, I know I need to listen to the voice gently expressing the need for rest.

I am taking a sabbatical from writing.  I am making my own breathing space of quietude.  I don’t know for how long…going to try for 30 days.  I deactivated my Facebook account yesterday.  That felt good!  I just want to have no distractions of interacting with cyber space.  I want to move gently through the next few weeks and be detached.  Obviously, I have a business to run, a 9 month old to care for, so I mean detached from my own blah-blah-blah-ness of external chaos. My spirit is nudging me to take this break.  I am truly exhausted from reading/writing my own thoughts and transpiring into the Internet.   Sometimes a lot is way too much!  It’s time to simplify and return to the good ole handwritten journal that smudges with tears, food stains, and outdoor living.

I thank you all for your constant words of encouragement, support and thoughts.  I am humbled by the amount of love out there for the words that I write. I still can’t believe anyone follows me on this site!  It is an honor to share and interact with y’all. But, at this present moment this feels right.  I think we all need a break every so often.  I urge you to do the same whenever you can so that your soul can recharge.  This is my vacation.  I find the voice gently getting excited at the thought of no technology.

My only plan for the next 30 days is to hike before it gets too cold, visit waterfalls, watch autumn evolve into its breathtaking beauty in the mountains, and just sit with myself as often as I can.  I want to get to know this woman who has endured so much in 9 months: from a near death experience, to raising another child, to helping others through divine guidance.  I have always been a horrible phone person so I won’t make excuses for not answering!  Silence is sometimes the loudest voice out there.  It’s whimsically exciting to hear it for a few weeks.   I can put on a costume of social grace with the business…I just can’t seem to put one on for me at all times in my personal life.  My inner child is yearning this moment to get to the root of some clearing from the past (amazing the things that come up when you stop the distractions).  There are still some little monsters lurking in the closet.  And, I feel this time will be about finding the courage to finally release them.

So until then…keep writing your beautiful blogs.  Keep inspiring each other and yourselves.  I will be back in just a few.  Have a great month!

Much love and light to all….Millie


10 thoughts on “Breathing Space

  1. Good for you! I am going through more or less the same faze, I need to find some way that’ll liberate me from the last remaining chains I feel are encircling me & stopping me going on forth in my journey…
    It’s now or never, there’ll always be someone needing me for something but I feel time has come to give to myself, enjoy it too, if someone deserves it, it’s you 🙂

  2. Good for you Millie….It is time to pull back and regroup with ourselves I think. Many are feeling the urge. Go for it and build some extra energy up for whatever lies ahead for us. Blessings and enjoy the fall colors and peace within…VK 🙂

  3. We all need a break, at times, Millie, and I hope your time away from technology brings you peace and fulfillment…enjoy nature, your little one and enjoy You, too! I’ve taken a few breaks and when it’s time to return, a refreshing feeling returns, too…xx

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