The Nature of Patience

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There are mornings I wake hearing the earth stretching and yawning.  I sit on my sofa staring out the glass doors onto the pond, the backdrop of mountains and valley hearing a slight reaching and adjusting of nature.  It doesn’t happen every day.  But, when I witness this softness, endless gratitude of earth, sky and water I find a sense of serenity beyond anything else in my life.  I find Spirit sitting with me and allowing me to reach a place of awareness that is unlike anything else.

This morning we woke to snow and the purity of a landscape exhaling the colors of fall.  I don’t know why snow always reminds me of patience.  I guess it’s the whiteness, the serenity of it all waiting on the surface to be melted.  I am reminded again of slowing down.  We are constantly rushing, moving, in a chaos that from the Heavens must look like an ant farm.  The earth doesn’t ask permission to sit, rest and enjoy the breeze…it just does it.  Nature doesn’t question unworthiness, loneliness, isolation or anger.  It loves her presence in her space.  Nature is compassion and patience and love all embodied in Spirit.

Peaceful Quest Retreats

Storms come and go.  The snow pours and melts.  Autumn changes and falls.  It is all an easy willingness and an acceptance of nature.  Nothing happens without a reason, and the earth welcomes each movement with respect and patience.  There is so much there to be admired and learned from each particle of existence.  And, today is a beautiful reminder, with the first snow fall, that it’s time to let go and appreciate the softness of it all.  It’s time to move through the unknown and allow things to fall as they must just like the snow.  There’s no need to push, pull or resist.

It is so easy to forget where we are and where we are going while traveling in our lives.  It is impossible at times to embrace the moment and breathe in.  Even if you don’t live by the ocean, or the countryside, or even the mountains, you have to find a balance in a place to make room for nature.  Whether it is walking to a park, or sitting outside for a little bit, you have to sit in the vastness of this world.  Once you are centered with it you can see the perspective of your own existence and dwelling.  Things start to slow down, shift and make ground for the next chapter.  Have a moment to witness God’s magnificent creativity in our world.

Welcome your day with gratitude, a prayer, a cup of java and the presence of your amazing soul.  “Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

18 thoughts on “The Nature of Patience

  1. Good Morning! Oh, I’m so jealous!! I love waking up to snow on the ground!! Maybe it’s the childhood memories that make me love it so much. I surely don’t enjoy driving in it; but I wasn’t driving in any weather as a child. 🙂 Oh, to be up there this morning!

  2. Snow !!! Your post surprises me, not because there’s snow, but the ‘feeling’ of it. I’ve always felt a “calm” with snow. It makes me think of comfort and slowing down. Happy weekend Millie. 🙂 Enjoy your ‘calm’ snow.

  3. Oops ☺️ I love the part where the earth doesn’t need permission to rest and feel the breeze. Beautiful, and mirroring the themes I’ve niticed this week in my own life. Enjoy the snow, Millie!

  4. How true it is — sitting with nature puts everything in perspective. This is so important, and as a city girl — I have to work a little harder to make it happen. But it’s do-able! What a lovely post to stumble upon this Sunday am. I look forward to reading more from you.

  5. As always Millie, such beautiful words and images. You are surrounded by beauty! Thank you for sharing your thoughts as they always seem to blend so softly with mine joyfully and with deeper meaning. Blessings to you….VK

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