Expansion of Love

I now understand

that disappointments,

losses, and heartache

chisel compassion in my being –

an egoless kindness of support

that wasn’t present before,

guiding me to some powerful height

of humanness

where I can see without eyes,

feel without hands,

and taste without words.

I now know that each one of us

beats rhythmically to the earth’s yearnings

if we only took some time in silence

to leave the self-universe

where everything revolves around

the illusion of drama, suffering, and gluttony.

It’s out there;

It’s in here.

We are all together in this…

and to become united we must dive

into the arms of the unknown

guided by Divinity,

fully capable of evolving from the perception

that pain is always constant

while touching the hands of another

whose journey is a little tougher

to bring comfort with

the expansion of unconditional love.


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