The Brokenness is Good


The other day at a store I saw a sign that read, “Even broken crayons still color.” I had to stop for a second…or two…maybe a few minutes pondering on that statement. I stood there in a busy isle of a department store taking up space with my eyes closed as I repeated each word out loud.  It was one of those powerful AHA moments that anyone can witness looking at you.  I was having an epiphany and two other ladies in the same isle stood staring at the same sign.  And, even though none of us spoke, we each took with us something from those words.

How many times haven’t we shattered into million pieces? How many times haven’t we believed, in that state of desperation, that we have no shine; that we aren’t worth it; that life is over in that brokenness? Those small fragments in us mend and expand; they break and create new extremities to bridge the old with the new. They make us stronger, wiser, and graceful. They force us to reinvent ourselves, forgive, and learn to play. I, for one, am grateful for those broken pieces…all the tiny ones that can be picked and put together to create a new life. They have allowed my colors to bleed into other brighter ones and combined to make new hues so I can go out into the world and paint for me.

I left the store without a single item.  I left with the quote imprinted in me.  As I was walking out the door there were coloring books on display with boxes of crayons.  I smiled.  I courageously walked with my head held high.  I’ve been just like those coloring books for so long…restricted to lines and rules of social expectations.  Now I am ready to paint the world in a different light no matter how small or large the breaks are in the future.

Paint your world today with those little pieces you think of discarding! Color, laugh, cry and rejoice for being the most perfect version of you.  You will be made whole again. You are bright, beautiful and…oh…so very creative! Mucho love in this beautiful holiday week.  Give yourself the gift of exploration and play. Don’t keep putting it off!!!


7 thoughts on “The Brokenness is Good

  1. Well done dear Millie….Yes we have all broken into pieces at times but thankfully we are still here to talk about it. The strength comes from finding the courage to get out the glue and put ourselves back together again and keep on moving forward. Stay whole my friend and enjoy a fantastic holiday with your family…Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us. It is a treat to read your wonderful words. Blessings and love to you…VK ❤

  2. So a literal application that imprinted….on Friday I had a my 3 year old grandson. We were coloring. He kept picking up crayons, when one was broken he would show it to me and say “broken”. I would say, or show him, “it still works”. He was amazed every time. 🙂

  3. I saw the same quote. I don’t remember where. But I was transfixed by those words. My grandson who will be 12 on January 3rd. has had a turbulent life. That quote made me think of him. He has a lot of anger and he expresses it with bad behavior. He hungers attention. I am always trying to encourage and sooth him. I thought of him as the broken crayons. There is hope for him to become a masterpiece, not to discard him. All those broken pieces will one day come together to create something beautiful or melt in to a candle that will light the world. Just don’t give up.

    You know Mille I would love to sit and talk with you. I think we would inspire each other. Maybe after the holiday we can set up a Skype call.

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