Happy 2015!


new years gala

A new year is upon us again!  2014 brought with it tremendous growth, challenges, and transformation.  I am looking forward to 2015 with giddiness and excitement.  Any way you dissect it a year in a life isn’t that much (365 days, 52 weeks, or 12 months).  It flies by in a blink of an eye.  I am always surprised at the acceleration.  The older I get the faster it comes and goes.  But, this New Year I vow to be more present. This New Year I promise to stick with having no expectations.

This past year I had two words I chose to live by: grace and adventure.  I was challenged with both. Grace kicked my butt. It showed me what true divinity and faith are composed of in me. Grace didn’t just gently take me by the hand…it knocked me down so I had the opportunity to learn the forgiveness and compassion I was lacking in myself. Phew…so glad the lessons didn’t land me in the hospital…oh, wait! They did and that was just on the first month of the year. That’s where the other word comes in: adventure!

Adventure has been a roller coaster ride this year. I have learned to remove all plans and just live day by day. Nothing like having a new baby to clear up the true meaning of a quest. It’s been a beautiful ride into memory lane. Motherhood has always been a question mark for me. I have repeatedly asked myself if I have done the best possible job with my six kids. Now I am seeing things in a mature and compassionate scene. We all do the best we can under our capacities after all we are the best versions of ourselves. I’ve been provided with, yet, another little one. The universe has entrusted me with another chance to love a child…but this one, it turns out, is showing me the adventure of a lifetime. She’s taking me by the hand every day and exposing me to things I overlooked in my twenties. She’s divine light allowing me to revisit those things that I questioned and accept that I have done exactly what I needed to do. This little angel is the best gift I could have imagined. She is turning my question mark on motherhood into a huge exclamation mark of joy! Grace, Faith and Hope are always present holding us together. There’s no mistake that she turns one year old on January 1st. We start with a beautiful reminder that this is definitely a new year. 

If you allow for it the world will move you every day to a place of complete openness. The hardest part is allowing the heart to stay open enough to receive the gifts. Some gifts will be painful and force you to grow for the betterment of your spiritual evolution. Others will contribute grace, adventure, and love to bring you closer into the web of humanity. Give yourself the permission this new year to experience all the wow’s and aha moments while staying in the present. They will transform you forever. Take risks, move beyond the comfort zone, laugh more, love deeper, share your life with strangers, truly forgive, don’t forget to breathe and enjoy the ride. Create your resolutions. Make your vision boards. Make space in your life for more joy. I will not be choosing two words this year. I will not be putting myself with the stress of losing weight, finally sewing that dress, or anything that I know will make me spin out of control because I cannot accomplish those tasks ASAP. I am allowing each moment to dictate what needs to be done. I am being realistic with my thoughts. No more expectations! They force Ego to dictate my mood.

Happy New Year! 2015 will be full of serendipitous moments.  Make peace with the past and pay attention to the signs ahead. Let your heart guide you into the unknown. Let these next 12 months woo you with excitement~!  Mucho love, my friends….mucho everything that’s good!

Life is about courage and going into the unknown.” – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

10 thoughts on “Happy 2015!

  1. Happy 2015 to you as well my friend. It has been an amazing blogging year as well as life in general. So many new people moving in and out of our spaces. At times it seemed difficult to keep pace with all of the insanity going down around us, but we all did. What pleases me most is we are all still standing with heads held high and a new understanding of how powerful love really is as well as our own power. I pray 2015 holds the key to our freedom to fly free at long last. It is a remarkable journey being witness to this magnificent paradigm change…Wishing you wonderful days ahead… Blessings & love…VK ❤

    1. Oh my sweet friend!~ absolutely. Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement. You are light and love. Keep sharing your stories. Keep moving forward. May you find all the joy and strength and love you so much deserve this year. Hugs and kisses….Millie

  2. What a gift to give back to that child. That SHE is a gift to you. Aren’t surprise, and unexpected gifts, often the absolute best?

    Here’s to our no expectations but love giving, realistic living, powerful lives. One moment at a time!

  3. Happy New Year to you and the family as well from Sam, “the girls”, and me! And a Very Happy 1st Birthday to Cali Rose from “Auntie Sue” and “Uncle Sam”! She is blessed and a blessing all wrapped up in one adorable little package!

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