Soul Searching Awareness


Many years ago one of my closest friends, while going through a divorce, used to say that in order to deal with her soon-to-be ex husband she had to be wearing a Grace Kelly cape every time they had to connect to exchange their children. She would visualize herself in a diamond filled long cape that was extremely heavy and required poise and grace. It was in those moments that she kept her faith and truth in tact. Her entire world had been turned upside down as she learned of her husband’s infidelities. I have never met anyone endure so much and keep such a lady-like Jackie O attitude. When I would ask her how she was doing she would tell me, “I just put on my Grace Kelly cape and had to deal with him. The more irrational he gets the more diamonds I add to the cape. It takes all of me to keep my ego in line.” To this day, I remember her metaphor of wearing this glamorous cape that required presence and grace.

Truth is personal. It moves through soul searching. Its vehicle is grace. Everyone craves to find truth but I think it’s difficult for many to taste it, smell it, and truly listen to it. The more we search for our soul’s truth the faster Ego will provide chaos, insanity, and denial. I am often reminded that in those moments of soul searching I must put on my Grace Kelly cape loaded with giant stones dragging on the ground as I walk through the unknown with high heel shoes to keep myself poised, filled with integrity and balance.

Part of living the spiritual life is the awareness of deleting all expectations and disappointments. Often times I am faced with an existential crisis of truth. What do I do? How do I make it through this? What am I suppose be doing? But these days I am deeply aware that every crisis evolves into a lesson. It’s beautiful to step back and watch the soul searching for its authenticity. It’s in that truth that grace teaches us happiness, love, faith and the art of surrendering all. Speak to your soul, have your pep talks, and encourage it to tell you what (s)he needs. Awakening of the mind is waking to every feeling, acceptance and the love that the universe has for you. Love and light…sweet souls.

9 thoughts on “Soul Searching Awareness

      1. Ascension Angel

        We have something in common… I had an NDE experience in this life… and another… then another… It feels good to be in the “Company of Heaven” ((((((( ~ 🙂 ~ )))))))

  1. I love the idea of the cape. But….. 😉 I suspect that those who put on that cape, already have the demeanor and character needed to wear that cape. The cape is just…. a cape. 🙂 But I love it anyway.

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