The Gift of Love


“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.”~ Stuart Chase

My father came to visit me two nights ago.  He’s  dead for over 15 years.  The only other times my dad has visited have been significant in guiding me or preparing me for some extraordinary change in my life.  The uneasiness and restlessness that’s been mounting in me was confirmed with his visitation.  I don’t normally write about my spiritual gifts.  It is still a subject that brings up judgment, intolerance and disbelief in many. I do believe that in order to express how I see things it is important to share my stories. Many people feel alone in these “crazy evil visions.” They feel scrutinized, judged, labeled and loathed. It was just a few years ago that I began to share with others because I, too, felt the criticisms which then brought on a magnitude of self-loathing.  I don’t find the need to apologize any longer for what was bestowed on me through beautiful gifts since I came into this world.  I cringe at the labels society places on humanity for things they fear and refuse to understand.  My life is sweeter now that I can share.  I have less anxiety and fears. I don’t feel alone in this journey.  And, if you are reading this and have similar experiences please KNOW that you are not alone!  The world is shifting.  Consciousness is finally awakening to mysticism and love is the key that’s unlocking all the prejudices.  Once again with my dad’s visitation I felt the sweet endearment as I heard his clear whisper in my left ear, “Es tiempo, Nena” (it’s time child). I was tucked into bed and slept like I haven’t in long time. 

The last time I heard those words I was on the other side of the realm, between here and now, in a hospital bed on January 15, 2014.  I didn’t see a tunnel or lights or loved ones.  I didn’t see Jesus, Buddha, or any great masters.  I didn’t see anything but a bright light of Oneness that embraced my soul.  I didn’t have a body.  I didn’t fear or cried or asked questions.  I stood in whiteness of universal presence.  I was in the midst of love through a magnifying lens that erased every conceived notion of what I thought death was.  I don’t know how to describe what I saw because words here in our human existence do no justice to the purity and love that I felt.  I wanted to stay.  I didn’t think about my loved ones.  I didn’t analyze life or death.  I was just there until I heard my father come into this space and whisper those words.  Then I saw him briefly.  My consciousness argued with him about returning to my human space.  I didn’t want to leave this magnificent place of love and light.  Had anyone else showed up I think I would have pushed them out of the way, bullying my way into the rest of my dying journey.  But, my Papito came and told me it was time to return.  I had things to do.  I had a reason to continue living. In a quick moment I returned to my body.  Just like that I was no longer in that love.  Just like that I was thrown back into a place of humanness.  But…that calls for another story and another day.

Lately, my meditations have been on love.  I begin expanding my heart, breathing in and out light, while traveling through places of love: past, present and future.  I send love and healing thoughts to those close to me. I continue expanding outward to those who are no longer in my immediate circle.  I further expand into the world to strangers in every nation. I finally end the travels when I am in space looking down at our blue and green magical planet. This meditation can last hours at times.  I lose track of time in the middle of the night.  In the midst of my heart expanding I begin to feel that light that I was in when I died.  I feel the essence of something that connects each one of us.  I begin to feel peace, forgiveness, compassion, sorrow, joy, empathy, and every emotion tied together.  Sometimes I release with a deep cry and other times I smile with my heart.  Hard to tell what happens when I am in the depth of Oneness traveling through universal consciousness.  I can’t explain it!

My dear father’s visit brought up something mystical again in me.  He was an absent person in my life. Do to his humanistic qualities of narcissism and egotism he did what he needed to do in order to survive his journey.  We all do! He was a gentle soul but a gypsy at heart.  He was here and there and everywhere the wind blew.  I have a lot of gifts from my father.  The most important one is forgiveness.  I don’t think he ever carried resentment or anger towards another.  He was just in his own world living life to the fullest.  His heart was opened so widely that he had several massive heart attacks and countless surgeries.  So when I go into meditation with my heart opening and expanding I make sure to say a little prayer about not needing a heart attack to open it even wider.  I’m conscious of the powerful mind, body and spirit experience.

It is rewarding to get a visitation from a loved one.  I am not the Long Island Medium, or John Edwards, or any of the folks out there that we witness on television.  I am just a Hispanic woman living on top of the mountains in North Carolina minding her own business.  Sometimes I am bombarded by loved ones before I even meet the person that the message is for.  It happens a lot in our busy season.  I am not a medium.  I am not psychic. I don’t read the Tarot, a crystal ball, or anything other than the light of love and the messages it provides. I am here to give a message if need be and move on.  I am a facilitator between the veils of what we all see and what we choose not to.  The spirit world is right next to ours.  The rarity is that I get messages for me from my loved ones.  It just works out that way.  To have a visit from my dad was beautiful.  I was able to snap a picture of my room in that moment when the orbs were all around me on the bed.  I was touched again by love through his words, the smell of his cologne, and the warmth of fatherhood.  It is in those moments that I feel the energy of our connections.  We are all one.  We are all here and there.  There is no death or finality.  There is only infinite love.  Embrace it!  I love you.  I love you.  I love you all!

18 thoughts on “The Gift of Love

  1. Bobbie

    Such a beautiful blog! We are connected by love. It is often the uniquiness of us that gets in the way of staying connected by love. Thank you for sharing your rawness. Thank you for being you. Thank you for your love. “all we need is love…”

    1. Thank YOU for allowing me to be me and loving me regardless of how “off” it seems at times. Thank you for sharing your journey with me. Thank you for your love. Thank you for everything, BFF. I love you dearly. Change is coming…and it’s beautiful!

  2. Ascension Angel

    Aww, Millie this is such a great post. I receive visitations now and then from loved ones they are such a blessed,enlightening humbling events to occur to a “mere mortal”, aren’t they? Thank you for being and INspired and inspiring others along your journey. 🙂 I love you. ❤

  3. Hi Millie, I’m sitting waiting for my doctor and came to WP to pass the time. My heart is so heavy with worry about my son. I am powerless to help him on his trails. Your words soothed my restlessness. I need a visit from my mother so I can have her visit my son. I dream of my love ones who have moved on too and I always feel they are bringing me messages or to fill me with peace. You reminded me that I need to open up to receive it from my love ones. Hugs to you.

    1. Oh, sweetness! Your comment touched me to the core…I can feel your troublesome heart fracturing with each word over your son. I’ve been there…different stories but emotions are emotions. I have witnessed the grace of God through each heart ache. I have endured the hands of loved ones comforting me. Ask your guides and angels. Stay open. We have no control over anything. All we can do is ask and keep an open heart. Our consciousness shifts, mends, and guides us. I send you love and light, dear soul. You are not alone….EVER. Call to your loved ones for help. Listen to the messages through songs, pay attention to signs and synchronicity. You got this. You just need to remember. Mucho love…Millie

  4. I love this. Sometimes, I wake to a bump in the living room only to find that my granny has jumped off the wall again. I, like you, wish that I had known her at this time of my life…..that she had known me. But then again, perhaps she does. Perhaps we both do. ❤ I love you! O, yes, I do.

    1. I am so grateful for my visitations. I love when they are for me personally. But, I also love when a stranger gets a message from a loved one and their emotions come to pass. It’s beautiful. Our worlds are all in this together…each one of us in our little universe and every so often the connection becomes magical. I love you, sweetness. Get up here to see me soon. Spring is coming. Make it a nice trip. We are not that far from one another. Mucho love. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I’ve missed you!

  5. Lovely post, Millie! I remember YEARS ago when my mom paid me a quick visit one evening. I had walked into the kitchen of the house I grew up in — and was living in alone at the time — and there she was, standing at the stove. So real that I swore I could have touched her if I’d been standing closer to her. She smiled at me but said nothing and in an instant her image was gone, but not her spirit. I have felt her presence around me ever since. And I really don’t care what non-believers think/say.

  6. Namaste beautiful soul and I totally understand and feel you for I am as you are and I always believed in my heart we are never alone 🙂 I also use to wonder why I was able to see spirits and get messages but I do not question any of it any longer and I just feel blessed with a gratitude full heart and I am learning to not care what anyone thinks of me cause my entire life I have been judged just like many others out there…I have lived my life from my heart center and forever will even though others have tried to stop me and say nasty mean negative things and comments I just close my eyes and from my wee heart send them forgiveness and love cause at the end of the day the only person we harm is our selves if we can to forgive those that speak ill of us or try and hurt us…I love your spirit and sharing and so glad I crossed paths today with your sharing from another friend that shared it :)…love,love,love with pure divine light forever to you and all….Claire 🙂

    1. Claire, thank you for stopping by. I love reading stories. I am glad this resonated with you. We are definitely never alone. I wish you love and light. It’s an honor to hear from you. Millie

      1. Thank you ((((((((( Millie))))))))))) and it is an honor to cross paths with you and so many others in this life time 🙂 I wish you loads of love and light and to all also always where ever our beautiful journey’s takes us for this is all that truly matters now and always ♥ ♥ ♥ Claire 🙂

      2. Hello Millie 🙂 ♥

        I totally love the way the universe connects us and brings to us that which is for our highest good even if at the time we are not able to see it or realize it :).
        We are all reflections of each other beautiful soul and its truly a blessing when we are able to help remind each other of this 🙂 for your are also a beautiful blessing for so many crossing your path and sharing your stories as we are all slowly awakening more and more now in this present moment….THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL STAR LIGHT SISTER FOR WE ARE ALL PART OF THE THIS BEAUTIFUL DIVINE PLAN CONNECTED ALL OF US DIVINE SENTIENT LIGHT BEINGS WE ALL ARE FOREVER CONNECTED WITHIN PURE DIVINE LOVE,LOVE,LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥

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