The Need for Rituals

A seat waiting for you

Every morning I have a sacred ritual. I get up around 3 or 4AM, go into the living room, light some candles, and say my prayers. I sit quietly, conscious of breath and the sounds in the room. I feel presence…there is always sweet presence. Some days I sage or light an incense, others I just allow the higher guides to take care of any energy that doesn’t belong in my space. It’s rare that I feel any kind of negativity. I call on my higher self, God, and proceed to enter the space of love. My heart is always the most opened during these times. It doesn’t take long for me to leave this realm. I don’t look at the clock. I allow Spirit and Source to guide me. I might have a long meditation, or short prayers. I make time to ask and be blessed. I might even just sit in the darkness and watch the light outside welcome me home again. Then again there are mornings, when its warm, that I grab a chair by the pond and allow the light of the world to engulf me with its grace.

Rituals and ceremonies are needed as reminders of sacredness, faith, and awareness. You can do this anywhere you want: a bathroom, dining room table, set up an altar in your garage or basement, have space in your garden, make a small labyrinth in your yard, etc. What we do need are moments of conscious awareness, acceptance, letting go, and shifting to Divinity. I am a morning person but if I was a night owl I would be doing the same before heading to bed. The best prayer there is to enter the world every morning is being in full gratitude: you have been given another day in this journey. And, when you get used to a ritual it is hard to be without it. I feel “off” in days that I don’t get my morning time. I need my cup of tea or coffee after my rituals and return to the humanness of the space I get to call my own.

Allow space for guidance and divinity. Carve sometime for you and your higher self to speak…even if it’s in traffic. There is no right or wrong way to connect with the universe. Use your voice. Use your power. Open your heart wide. We need time to connect with our nature, our yearnings, with the little voice inside that pushes and pulls for truth. You are authentic. You are divine. You are light. You are love. You are pure wisdom and you have all the answers you will ever need. It’s important to remind yourself of this every single day. Have a blessed day~!

“The Way to do is to be.” ~ Lao Tzu

11 thoughts on “The Need for Rituals

  1. Ascension Angel

    Oh, that is so beautiful Millie! This IS my prayer… my mantra for today and every day… Love and Blessings to you! David ❤

  2. My ritual, Millie querida, is to practice mantra repetition. When? Over the years, it’s become automatic: as I go to sleep, when I wake, and, most importantly, when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed. In other words: just about all day! For me, it’s the quickest/most effective channel to remembrance. xoxoxoM

    1. I love that as well. Thank you. I say the prayer of protection many times during the day….I sometimes don’t even know I am reciting it. I learned it as a young girl in Unity Church and it has stuck with me. It’s more repetition than anything else. I love you, mamita linda. Wish you lived closer. Have a beautiful weekend…Me

      1. Yes, it may feel like just repetition, it’s still feeding the Soul. A little bit like mindless snacking, but in a good way, lol!

        I feel I’m standing on the brink of a seismic shift, amiguita del alma, and the time when we’ll sit and chat together feels near. All is spectacularly well! xoxoxoM

  3. Yes, I am a morning person as well…I love a 4am start. Writing, yoga, breath, blessings and a cuppa are the perfect ways to start the day!

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