We exist

woven together

in consciousness

through fibers of time

filling each crevice

with memories of a billion lives.


I listen to each pull,

each passing of thread,

connecting us all

with intricate designing

carefully maneuvering the dreams,

lessons, and purpose of humanity.

This is perception,

the reality of you and me

intertwined to make authenticity…

open up belief…

instill faith… and … whatever else is of importance.

What is it? What do you see?

Which stitch makes you part of this tapestry?


Like a Monet painting we must stand

further from illusion

admiring the impressions

because when we are too close

we cannot see anything but distortion

and truth somehow disappears.


We are infinitely tended

to the constant care

of creation

that has put us together

with the only priceless material available to all:

The oneness of Love.

10 thoughts on “Tapestry

    1. NOOOO! They are still here. You just need to open your heart and eyes. I bet you can find that love staring back at you in the most unlikely of places…a cashier, a person waiting next to you at a stop light, another walking their dog in the park, etc. We are all in this together. Mucho love to you.

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