Magic in April


April is a significant month for me. It’s not only my birthday month but it was also the month my mother passed on. It’s also the month I met my fiance. It’s a time for spring and renewal. April always brings with it joy and some sadness. I look forward to everything blooming, Easter, spring showers, critters serenading throughout the night, and days that smell of fantasy and possibilities. I don’t know what it is about mid-April mornings. They smell sweet, sincere, and full of desire. The days get a bit longer, the mornings sing a gentler tone, and I am always transported back somewhere in time to a place of sacredness. Yes, this month is a time of celebration and release. Winter is finally gone, taxes are completed, and we can move through the rest of the year with color and vibrancy!

Many of the trees up on this mountain have buds. Growth is finally here. They are shimmering with the longing for rebirth. April does that to me. It brings me back to birth. It recites words in the darkness which later become stories in the day time. Poets and artists are born in this time of change and chances. The world seems to renew it’s mystical powers. The magic of the earth comes alive for me. I rejoice in these 30 days without taking a single one for granted. April is a lovely friend who stops by every year and allows me to return to a place of childhood. I renew my outdoor desire to enter the woods and climb these mountains.

On this beautiful morning may you find that sense of hope, faith and rebirth. May you accept the ebb of the season with softness and a sense of adventure. This is a time to truly release all that winter has forced you to endure by letting go and moving forward to another time full of dreams. Switch out the wardrobe, take out those sandals, polish your toe nails, and let the sun start taking you places that comfort you. Ah, can you feel it? That’s the place of love, nature, and Divinity.


3 thoughts on “Magic in April

  1. First and foremost, Happy Birth Month!!!

    I love April, too, for the rebirth of nature. I could do very nicely without the mud in the yard from those rainy days, but the dogs don’t mind it. 🙂 As for the nail polish — I’ll pass on that. (I hate the smell, and the need to re-do it every week.) — but as long as it’s not raining, I’ll be out in the yard playing with the dogs. Or, taking Callie and Shadow for a walk at the park while Ducky’s at daycare.

  2. Happy Month of April Millie. I do love the idea and feel of spring and April. But I fear it too. Spring is not my favorite time of year because of the storms. Though I wish I did not fear their destruction so I could enjoy the beauty of them…..I do fear them. But even the fear does nothing to diminish my always present sense of hope and faith. 🙂

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