The Adventure of a Lifetime

into the woods

I love adventures! I enjoy the magic and mystery of not knowing and the surprises I will encounter along the way. Almost five years ago my best friend and I found a little piece of heaven in the mountains of Western North Carolina and settled down. We brought with us dreams, passions, and visions. We were to heal ourselves from past lives. We all consist of a million lives in one lifetime. This was the place we would learn about love, letting go, trust, faith, belief, joy and growth. And, as all great adventures there is beginning and an end.  We are both ready for the next chapters. The book is open for us to start writing. We are giddy and delighted with how much is still out there to explore.

Peaceful Quest Retreats has been the magical lamp in my life. It has provided so many good fortunes. It allowed me to shred, investigate, purge, rebuild, restart, and truly love myself like I’ve never known before. I know you ask, “What does a place have to do with all that stuff?” Oh, it has a world to do with it! Why do folks run to retreats, ashrams, monasteries, and other sacred places? Why do they go on pilgrimages? Because these sacred places force the mind, body and spirit to find balance. There has to be a place that removes you from the life you are used to and pushes you to truly see authenticity. Sanctuary does this. Breathing space is a must.  I could write a book about the experiences in this little retreat in a little unknown town called Gerton.  But, those are my experiences.  We all return from sacredness with an awakening to life.

It’s with great pleasure and jubilee that we put this place out into the universe for another person(s) to experience the enchantment, blessings and love. We thank you all for the constant love and support. It has been a journey of a thousand steps and more. Please feel free to pass the “for sale link” below to others. We are constantly hearing “how amazing it would be to live here,” “this is so peaceful, I wish I could take off from the world and do something like this…”  We’ve heard all the sweet desires and longing.  This might be your chance to experience the wonder of this healing and serene place.  Much love and light to all….


6 thoughts on “The Adventure of a Lifetime

  1. Heartafire

    Asheville is one of my favorite places, I love the Blue Ridge Mountains and rode by motorcycle through there several years ago, a paradise. Thank you and best to you!

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