morningI am dragging butt this morning. I had one of those beautiful uneasy filled nights were everything comes to visit and not even meditation can help. It’s part of being human and releasing. It’s part of being in touched with the dark as well as the light. In the light of day it’s all forgotten but while the night wrestles … it’s excruciating to experience the loneliness of trusting your knowing without seeing the signs.

Speaking of signs as I was making my way into town for groceries there is a yoga studio on our road. The sign read RESILENCE. I passed it and thought, “Is this a new method of connecting to silence through yoga? Hmmm, that’s a new one.” I went through the supermarket with that thought, again so distracted that I forgot a few items (third time this week). How does one enter into re-silence? Is there a way to quiet the quietness? What exactly does that entail? I had all these thoughts in my head and as I was driving back up the road I re-read the sign and it says, “RESILIENCE.” I forgot the “I” in it. HaHa! I forget the “I” in a lot of things. But, it made me realize that when we do forget the “I” of ego we re-enter silence. We don’t get the chit-chat of doubt, anxiety and fear. Isn’t that something? I struggled through a night full of many I’s.

So the word today…the sign I have needed ismorning2 “resilience.” It’s in that adjustment and flexibility of allowing things to come and go that I keep moving into with faith. Resilience is part of that silence. It’s in part resistance, tolerance and the mystical walk of staying within my powers of truth. And here are some pics of the ride back up the mountain as you enter into “resilence” through “resilience.” Have a blessed day, sweet souls!

11 thoughts on “Resilience

  1. Just what I needed this morning! I had a somewhat restless night myself…the old fears of “how are we going to keep our heads above water with both of us retired?” kept smacking me upside the head. This morning I’m dragging a bit, too, but I’ll be fine once I get my head on straight and remember that God has been good to me all these years and I have no reason to doubt He will continue to be. Now I have to drag my butt out of this chair and go feed my dogs. Have a great day my dear, sweet sister-friend!!

  2. I so enjoy reading your blog; for many reasons, but mostly because of the way you so honestly share the unedited version of your journey. Whether we know it or not( at this point, I think ignorance might be bliss) we are all on this journey together.
    “…it’s excruciating to experience the loneliness of trusting your knowing without seeing the signs”. Such powerful words that speak straight to my heart. Thanks for being my signpost today.

    1. Sandra, thank YOU for this beautiful comment. The “unedited version” of the journey is what makes us human. Without those versions we don’t learn and evolve. I cannot be what I am not. This is who I am, raw and imperfect and so full of life. I am blessed to have you in my journey. Mucho love!

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