The Doorway to You

We come in and out

of so many realms:


fantasy land,


never-never land,

altered spaces…

to find the veil

of what we know

being pushed opened

to places beyond

the imagination.


Enter without knocking.

Walk over the threshold

without fear.

Find a seat on the ground.

Close your eyes

and let faith be

the guiding light

as you merge with the unknown.


The doorway to your subconscious

has no keys,

it’s never locked.

With patience,


deep breathing,

you will find Divinity

sitting with you

in peace and serenity…

you will meet the truth

of who you are.

12 thoughts on “The Doorway to You

  1. Reblogged this on the secret keeper and commented:
    I am so blown away by the image. And the poem touches the very center of my mind. Having faith in the imagination. Where into the other worlds of fantasy will any one person find after entering through this magnificnent door. It can only be a magical place, Maybe never visited from this side before or it could be a return to something someone you wished had read to you as a child but it didn’t happen until you were in your twenties.but still wanted to beleive in the impossible being possible. the secret keeper (clap your hands)

  2. This is so amazing a poem and image I just had to reblog. It inspired me to create my next post. Freeing up the imagination to walk through the door to the otherside where life returns to a place that may be real or a fantasy but it is more then you left behind. ~the secret keeper~

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