Passionate Silence

I watched a video today of an artist Marina Abramovic. I felt a sudden tug and ache that left me speechless. “At the 1:30 mark, Ulay, her former lover for many years sits down across from her. Marina and Ulay broke up more than 30 years ago and this is the first time that they have seen each other again since then. This was obviously an emotional and shocking moment for her, and as you can see, she tries to carry on until the end, but seems almost unable to. I was fighting back tears myself with this one. This is really beautiful.”

At times silence speaks louder than any other sound. It leaves you breathless. It pulls, shifts and forces other emotions to appear through a cascade of inexplicable reactions. I have felt these moments with my children on countless occasions; witnessing a loved one transcending into death; pain; loss; grief; and in this case nostalgia from a past lover. Passion is not exclusive to sexual energy. Passion bleeds into our lives through words and the lack of their sound. Passion is the kaleidoscope of colorful hidden emotions that push every part of the soul into an explosion. A life without passion might as well be hell. I cannot imagine not feeling this urgency of rhapsody for something in this path.

I have been blessed to experience so many moments similar to this one when love returns in a way that each cell comes alive through a hundred different emotions. And, the only way to release the conjunction of passion is through tears, touch, and silence. Passion is birthed through joy, sorrow, and a fire that moves the soul to a higher level. I don’t know how to explain that flutter of heart that magnifies each breath to another dimension.

Two souls can exit and re-enter each others’ lives many times. It doesn’t mean that they belong together. It doesn’t mean that they do not. It just means that there is unfinished karmic issues that continue to bring forth an adoring rapture. I have witnessed it through folks who dated in high school and then reunite many years later and married. I have seen it in passing events with a glance at a store, on a train, or at a stop light. Passion moves through the outer layers of the body. It’s beautiful to witness. It’s even lovelier to experience first hand.

Don’t allow life to pass you by without following that one thing or person who made you smile and come alive. There’s no need to go backwards in time. There’s no need to rehash what will never work out. But, keep refueling the fire in you that takes you to a higher calling. Keep that in your heart. A life without passion is not worth living. It doesn’t matter what you do with it but allow your soul to find that thing that brings a faithful purpose for the rest of your days. Mucho love to all!

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