Rant of truth


You know what I love? Real folks who are not concerned with gossip, bullshit, and what someone else is doing or not doing! I want honesty, long conversations that are deep and meaningful in regards to the universe. I want truth, profound intellectual observations of the human psyche and how our cells connect to the external world…you and me! I applaud those folks who stand their ground and aren’t self absorbed with who is getting this done, or that done, or not done. I admire courage, tenacity, an over-the-top-outrageously-funny spirit. I don’t care what kind of car you drive or the square footage of your house. I am not impressed by your bank account or how much your purse and shoes cost. You know what I care about? The character of the soul living inside your body. I wanna know how you treat a waitress, a cashier, a homeless person and any other person who has nothing to give you. I could care less about how much funding you’ve given to an organization, who you vote for, what your religious beliefs are as long as you don’t try to shove anything down my throat. I want to witness the real you through a smile, a touch, and a simple act of kindness that doesn’t involve a spectacle of drama. I am so over drama. I don’t want to see you full of make-up, hiding behind drugs or alcohol, or living a life that’s not authentic to who you truly are. I want the raw vulnerable you that stands naked without worrying about how much you weigh, your wrinkles, or your saggy ass. I don’t want intolerance or bigotry. I don’t want anything fake…but I will stand by you regardless of what you need at that moment if you ask for help because sometimes we just can’t make it alone. I like reality. I like honesty. I love those who don’t point a finger to another. I love imperfections, scars, shortcomings, and past mistakes that have brought you here.

My loving sweethearts, it’s time to truly see the shift of compassion. We are in this together. Your energy is felt through the waves of humanity. We look away from hurt to then find someone sick in our own tribe. We pretend we don’t care about an issue until it hits home. But, what if…what if in the middle of our self-absorbed lives we can take a few minutes a day to send love through prayers, silence and gratitude instead of coming up with such negativity. What if we step back and let go of our own bullshit first and by example help another shed the superficial masks? It is a matter of conscious shift and awareness. It’s imperative to our survival. Faith holds us but love cradles us to move together.

I don’t get my kicks from reading petty opinions about who did what, who will get this, and whatever is so mundane that I throw my hands quickly over my computer and close it up. I keep getting on social media trying to feel inspired and for the most part I am elated with this technology. BUT…but…but…I think I just need to step away for a while. It’s that time again. Every few months my spirit yells, “Give it up. You can’t change another. Step back and work on you!” And, when I do I return feeling the sun shining, optimistic and with a higher faith in humanity.

Many years ago, my spiritual mother, said to me that it takes 9 times the amount of energy for a negative thought as oppose to a positive thought that takes no effort. I believe it. I have witnessed it time and time again. I have seen the effects of destruction and darkness. I want light. I want love. It’s easier to smile than frown any time. Let’s be nicer. Let’s be kinder. Hell, let’s have a Kumbaya. I love you. I love you. I love you.

Be back in a while…xoxo!


10 thoughts on “Rant of truth

  1. rootedinbeing

    LOVE this!!!! Oh so very true, if each of us had these opportunities to meet wholehearted people my god would our lives be that much more enriched and full.

  2. I’m with you on this. I cringe when I hear people talk about other people and I rad the gossips in the news or on social media. We need to feel the love not the hate and negativity. Beautiful post Millie.

  3. Wow, Millie, this was SO well said! It’s like I was reading thoughts from my own mind. I hope your break is peaceful and rejuvenating. Much love to you and we’ll see you when you return. ♥

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