Serenity of One

Hush.  shhh!

Listen. ahhh!

Honor this moment in time.

Silence is my companion

echoing through the space

of this house.

It sits drinking light

watching the incense burn

dancing through its smoke

fluttering to the candle’s aura.

The prayer wheel turns,

round and round,

circling the world,

sending out

to the masses

wishes of hope and peace.

The fireplace crackles,

bringing warmth


and I feel the sacredness

loving me gently.

In this stillness

there is absolute


of blessings,



This presence is all there is

and I close my eyes

to go deeper,



into the abyss

of my spirit.

With each moment

of breath,

the heart gently vibrates

and I exhale

as awareness takes me

until I am cradled

in the arms of divinity






21 thoughts on “Serenity of One

  1. You and I were both thinking of silence today! My stuff for tomorrow will have the same theme – but a very different approach. I so love the quiet of this piece – especially during such a LOUD season! Merry Christmas Millie!

  2. Sorry it has taken me a full week to read and reply to this one. It is beautiful, and I know it came from within you. I hope you had a wonderful, peaceful Christmas! In some ways I wish I could have been up there with you, but in the wise words of Colonel Potter (on one of my favorite M*A*S*H episodes), “if you’re not where you are, you’re nowhere”.

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