The discomfort of the unknown is a reminder to sit and let go. We don’t have to know what will happen today or tomorrow. We have little control of how things play out. We can try to manipulate one direction and things will turn out the opposite. SO…sit and be. Accept the discomfort. Honor it. Don’t reject it because it intensifies. I think it’s in the not knowing that our true essence rises to a higher level of consciousness. We begin to trust. We are lead by faith.

As we begin another week be gentle with yourself. Be kinder with your spirit. Try and let go of expectations that are serving nothing more than creating fear and anxiety. In control lies illusion. Let it go. We all have been programmed to worry and hold tightly to things that are out of reach. Just be!~ BE in the present moment and allow things to unfold. As Rumi said, “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.” It is! Your spirit will always guide you towards excellence…don’t stop it or try to manipulate it. Follow your inner guidance. That’s never wrong!

There are intense energies shifting through us all. We are witnessing it within our own circles, outside in the world, and even in ourselves. Meditate, pray, contemplate and be in nature. Your soul will thank you for it. Have a lovely week and mucho love…Millie

13 thoughts on “Discomfort

  1. Perfect timing on this message, Millie! Sam and I were just talking this afternoon about what will happen if the SCOTUS rules against the Affordable Care Act federal subsidies. And decided there’s no sense worrying about it at all but especially not at this point.

  2. Your timing couldn’t have been more perfect, Millie. Thanks for this wise reminder. Letting go and trusting is so hard at times. I’m trying to relax my mind more and let go. It’s a work in progress…♥

    1. Oh darling, what other choice is there but to truly release? Struggle is vanishing from my thought process. It hasn’t served for much but heartache. Mucho love. Thanks for stopping by sweet lady.

  3. Dear Millie, I felt my cup fill up to the brim with this post. And all that I had been clutching tightly gently released as I drank in your words of honouring our discomfort of the unknown. To be gentle and kind to ourselves. Thank you so much. I’m so very glad I came by. Hugs and love, Sharon x

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