9 thoughts on “Sharing you…

  1. Yes those sigh moments. They are the conversations of inspiration. But sometimes “I” need to share those things that tug at me everyday and it’s nice to have someone listen instead of just myself.

      1. Tanks. I read your post while I was having a moment. But reading these wonderful blogs refreshed me. I figured sometimes you have to shut up to be heard. šŸ™‚ But I will add your email to my contacts.

      2. Sweetheart, there have been some intense vibrational changes in the past few days. I have been sick in bed on and off since Friday. I allowed my body today to just rest (a rare thing for me to stay in bed all day). I am honoring whatever is passing through. You are not alone…ever! In those moments when we are the quietest the voice inside of us becomes the loudest. Allow for it. Sending healing energy and love your way. Have a great afternoon!

      3. I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well. I sending healing vibes your way. I know how you feel. I spent several weeks in bed. Now I’m come back to myself and I just keep going and going. That’s just what I’m doing listening to the quiet to find my peace. It’s a two way street you can email me if you need to let off steam. silentlyheard@gmail.com

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